Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1094 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1094

Carrie simply got cocky and carried away that she forgot to delete the call history that included the recorded call.

Zachary and his wife left the rest to the police.

Back home, Zachary clung to Serenity.

He went everywhere she went.

He was her shadow when Serenity и.σ.ν.єℓє.вσ.σк.¢σм grabbed her pajamas to go to the bathroom.

“Zachary, Mr. York, just tell me what’s on your mind.

We’rea married couple.

You can be straight with me about anything.” Serenity stopped at the bathroom door and leaned against the door frame before giving Zachary an amused look.

“You’ve become my shadow since we got back from giving our statements.

You’re following me wherever I go.” “Seren, please don’t leave home without a bodyguard.

I’ll assign four bodyguards to keep you safe on a shift rotation, 24/7.

1 can promise you that they’ll only report to me if you encounter danger.

They won’t be there to spy on you.

“1 know you can fight, but what if a professional is hired next time? You’ll get hurt.” Zachary’s mind harked back to the two times Serenity was stopped in the middle of the road.

The first time, the couple was not speaking to each other.

He did not have people on the scene to help her because he did not want to blow his cover.

By then, Serenity had already taken care of the thugs.

Tonight was the second time.

This time, the thugs were meaner than the ones hired by Noah.

It was a good thing he had eyes guarding her in the dark.

The bodyguards managed to keep her out of harm’s way.

“Did you assign bodyguards to follow me? I didn’t object to having them around.” “That’s just two of them.

I want to add two more, so I need to pick your brain on it.” Zachary did not intend to move the two original bodyguards from their assignment.

However, he could include two more and they’ll be out in the open with Serenity.

It would serve as a deterrent to those out to get Serenity.

These people would not dare try anything if they knew Serenity had a security detail.

“you should bring along two or four bodyguards during the day, so the people will think twice before attacking you.

They wouldn’t pull something like tonight.” Serenity could tolerate the protection in the darkness, but she would feel watched if she had two or four bodyguards following her out in the open.

On second thought, the two bodyguards in the shadows were practically spying on her every move too.

After much silence, she replied, “Alright.

I can do that, but I won’t accept beyond two bodyguards.

I don’t need four of them.

Not many of them are impulsive and reckless like Carrie.” With Serenity giving her word, Zachary was relieved and said, “ You can’t be too careful.

You’re the envy of many now.

It’s best to practice caution.

“T have picked four bodyguards for you, and since you’re only taking two, I think I’ll send the remaining two to watch over your sister’s breakfast diner.

“We can’t let our guard down on Mr. Newman and his wife.

Carrie will be punished by the law due to the incident tonight.

The crime she committed will earn her some jail time, and her parents won’t think this is deserving for their daughter.

“They’ll resent you and think that you’re the cause of their daughter’s unbecoming.

They might try and get their revenge, but since you’re my wife, they likely won’t get a chance.

Who’s to say they won’t switch their attention to the people who you care about and are the closest to you?????????? “Like your sister and Sonny.” The people who mattered most to Serenity were her sister and her nephew.

A three-year-old boy like Sonny made an easy target too.

Serenity would never be able to и.σ.ν.єℓє.вσ.σк.¢σм forgive herself if anything were to happen to Sonny, especially if it was because of her.

Zachary’s explanation got Serenity thinking.

She replied, “We’ll go with your suggestion.

Mr. Lewis has security guards patrolling the streets, and my sister and Sonny are safe in the diner, but what if Sonny leaves my sister’s sight for even one second?” Serenity left her words hanging.


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