Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1096 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1096

Josh uttered with a smile, “You’re not the Zachary I know anymore.

I can’t believe you said that to Mr. Moe.” “Seren was stopped in the middle of the road, and her car was trashed when she was on her way home.” Josh was intrigued.

“Who’s the fool to block the missus’s car? I bet the person is in the hospital right now.” Zachary was caught between tears and laughter.

“Tl get someone on the case right now.” “It’s fine.

I know who it is.” “who?” Curious, Josh asked.

He was nosy, and gossip was his game.

His imagination wandered to great heights.

“Was it your admirer?” Zachary replied, “Yours, actually.” He added peevishly.

“It’s Ms. Carrie of the Newman family.” It did not take long for Josh to find out who Zachary was talking about.

Josh uttered, “Ms. Carrie must have it in for the missus.

Mr. Newman apologized not too long ago, and here his precious daughter was at it again.

“Was she arrested?” “We called the cops on her.

She’s been detained since we have evidence.

Josh, I need a favor from you.

I need eyes on the Newmans and Seren’s relatives.” Josh was quick to catch on.

“Are you worried that Mr. Newman might try to get even?” “It’s better to be ready for them.

Ms. Carrie is the Newmans’ precious daughter.

They spoiled her rotten.

There’s no guarantee they won’t come after Serenity now that their daughter is detained.

At least we’ll know what’s coming if we keep our eyes peeled.” Seeing that his best friend had a point, Josh gladly answered, “ Alright.

[1] make sure I have people spying on these families’ every move.” “Tell your people to be smart about it.

The Newmans aren’t easy to deal with.” Zachary and his wife had discussed that the circumstances around the death of Camryn’s biological father were suspicious.

Mr. Newman married his brother’s wife, saying that he was taking care of his brother’s wife and daughter following his brother’s death.

However, the public was not blind.

There was an intimacy between Mr. and Mrs. Newman without the awkwardness of their former relationship as in-laws.

Many speculated that the pair had a thing from way back then.

Only, this was the Newmans’ private affair.

The Newman family did not possess the wealth and power they had today.

Since the family was not included in the higher society, everybody made a few jokes at the expense of the Newmans for a while before forgetting all about it.

Now that they had built their wealth and joined the ranks of billionaires, Mrs. Newman started taking her precious daughters to social events, so her daughter could marry into the upper crust.

1 It was then the Newmans returned to the public eye.

Of course, the Newmans may keep to themselves, but the Buchams had connections to dig deep into the Newman family’s history.

There was no such thing as a secret to the BuchaMs. Despite the Buchams’ great network of intel, they had better things to do than dig into the Newmans.

They would only get the dirt on the Newmans if necessary.

| Josh answered, “Okay.

Don’t worry.

I will only send my best men out.

They’re alert and can fight.

They can work undercover if you ask me.

“Come to think of it, do you think Mr. Newman is involved with any shady dealings? Do you want to run checks on Newman Enterprise?” “It’s better to know the enemy.

Look into it if you have the time.

We can catch them in one go if he’s involved with anything shady.” Josh shared the thought too.

After the exchange, Josh ended the call.

He planned to get his men on top of Newman Enterprise once he got home.


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