Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1097 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1097

Serenity had no idea that her man had everything sorted out while she was enjoying a good soak.

She came out of the bathroom and found Zachary sitting on the bed. Drawing close, she wrapped her arms around the nape of his neck and pressed him onto the mattress. She was on top of him.

“Honey, you’re killing me.”

Zachary’s voice was raspy when he hinted at his beloved wife.

With a smile. Serenity brushed her lips along his face and gave him butterfly kisses before rolling away from him. She gave him a kick. “Off to the showers, you go. You smell of cigarettes.”

“I didn’t smoke.”

“Well, someone did. You got the cigarette smell on your clothes.”

Zachary took a whiff of his clothes. Nothing smelled like tobacco. Nevertheless, it must be true since his wife said so. He went to take a shower and changed into a fresh set of clothes.

By the time he came out, Serenity was snoozing away in dreamland.

Zachary stared at her serene face, feeling envious of her sometimes.

Serenity could function normally on meal intake and rest no matter what happened. She would not let anything come in the way of her sleep and three meals.

She was the type to get over things quickly and have an open mind. She would not dwell on issues for too long or be hung up over things.

In short, Serenity was an optimist. To her, things would always get better tomorrow.

Leaning forward, Zachary planted a kiss on Serenity’s face and tenderly uttered, “Have a sweet dream, honey. Dream of me.”

Serenity woke up the next morning. She had a great dreamless night, so she did not dream about Zachary.

Zachary was making breakfast in the kitchen when she got up.

Thinking that Grandma May was not home, Serenity wandered out of the bedroom in her pajamas. She followed the fragrant aroma to the kitchen and hugged Zachary from the back. She stuck her face on Zachary’s back and purred, “Babe.”

Her seductive voice could make Zachary melt.

Zachary turned around to cuddle up and get a morning kiss when he caught sight of Grandma May strolling in from the balcony.

She was walking into the kitchen and happened to stumble upon the couple making out.

She wanted to pretend she was not there, but Zachary caught her.

Hearing Zachary calling his nana, Serenity immediately let go of Zachary and turned to Grandma May with her face flushed scarlet.

“Zack, did you see my reading glasses? I can’t find them. Oh, I’m getting old. I can’t see without my reading glasses.”

Grandma May turned on her heel to leave while mumbling to herself, “I put them on the coffee table, but I can’t find them now.”

Zachary and Serenity knew that Grandma May never wear reading glasses.

“What time did Nana come home last night?” Serenity whispered the question only when Grandma May left the room.

Zachary’s eyes deepened at the sight of Serenity in her pajamas. His mind flew back to her opening the door in her pajamas when they first got married.

“Go back to your room and get changed. You should only wear like this when it’s only us at home. Of course, I won’t object to s*xier lingerie, but I prefer you covered up when there’s someone else around.”

Serenity pinched his arm and spoke in a muted tone, “I thought we were alone at home. You didn’t even tell me that Nana was back. Thank goodness I didn’t do anything lewd.”

Otherwise, she would be utterly embarrassed.

Serenity was quite modest with her pajamas, except for having the tendency of taking off her bra when she slept…

With that fact dawning on her, Serenity folded her arms against her chest. “I’m going back to the room to change.”

She slipped back into the bedroom.

Zachary chuckled.

There was no need to feel embarrassed around him.


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