Married at First Sight Chapter 2091 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2091 by desirenovelLucas came over, and reached out to touch those flowers.

Hank quickly said: “Lucas, don’t touch it randomly, this is the bouquet Sonny gave to his uncle, me.”

Lucas: “Uncle, these flowers are so beautiful, I want them too, why don’t you pick one for me.”

Hank was reluctant, so he put the bouquet on the other side of his side, so that his little nephew could not pick his flowers.

“Lucas, if you pick the flowers, the bouquet will not look good. Sister, wash some apples and give them to Liberty, Mr. Lewis and Sonny.”

Chelsea hummed, and she said to her youngest son: “Lucas, you have to be sensible. It’s a bouquet that Sonny bought for your uncle. It’s not a toy. You can’t pick flowers. Go wash your hands. Mom will wash apples for you to eat.”

Hearing that there were apples to eat, Lucas stopped clamoring for flowers.

He looked at Sonny’s clothes, touched them with his hands, pulled them, and asked Sonny: “Sonny, is this the new clothes my aunt bought for you? Look at them well, I want new clothes too.”

He turned his head and said to Liberty: “Auntie, I also want to wear new clothes like Sonny’s, why don’t you buy me some sets.”

In the past, when his aunt bought things, Sonny had them, and so did he.

If the aunt didn’t buy it for him, the mother would scold the aunt, and the grandmother would also blame the aunt.

Later, when his aunt bought new clothes for Sonny, she would also buy two sets for him.

Lucas was young, only one year older than Sonny, but with a mother like Chelsea, he had gradually developed a temperament that loves to take advantage.Fastest Update:

Liberty: “Lucas, call me auntie. I’m not your aunt anymore. If you want to wear new clothes, ask your mother to buy them for you.”

It’s been a year since she was someone’s aunt, Liberty won’t care about children, but she won’t treat Lucas like before.

Whatever Lucas wanted, he could ask his mother to buy it for him.

It was impossible for Liberty to buy things for Lucas again. Chelsea was a vampire, and now she was all about remarrying her and Hank. In fact, she wanted to lie on her again and suck blood.

If Liberty still bought something for Sonny and Lucas as before, then Chelsea would find all kinds of excuses to ask for benefits from Liberty through the child.

“I want you to buy it for me. My mother has no money. You have money. If you buy it for me, you can buy the same clothes as Sonny’s.” Lucas played his barbaric temperament and insisted that Liberty buy him new clothes.

His father’s face was ugly, and he solemnly ordered the oldest son and daughter: “Take Lucas outside to play.”

a shame.

Was there no clothes for him to wear?

Seeing that Sonny was wearing a nicer set of clothes, he asked Liberty to buy him new clothes with shallow eyes.

Lucas was quickly carried out of the ward by his brother and sister.

Chelsea washed the apples and came out. She didn’t see the three children, and she didn’t ask any more questions. In fact, she heard Lucas’s words when she was washing the apples inside.

She said nothing.

Let her son make trouble, but a four-year-old child, what did he know?

Could it be that Liberty is still having trouble with a four-year-old child?

When Lucas came out, the Brown family members all looked embarrassed.

“Liberty, Mr. Lewis, please sit down quickly.” Hank invited the two of them to sit down, he was the most embarrassed.

The little nephew would ask Liberty for new clothes, all of which were from their family’s pets.

Duncan: “I’m already sitting.”


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