Married at First Sight Chapter 2097 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2097 by desirenovel“After Sonny’s father and Jessica got married, Chelsea and her mother were also tossed, so I stayed away as long as I could. I would eat with her when I was stupid. It is even more impossible to ask her to work as a foreman in my shop.”

For Chelsea’s shameless, r*scal, Liberty had shadows.

Duncan hummed, he looked down at Sonny who was sitting on his lap, and didn’t tell Liberty about Brown family anymore.

After leaving the inpatient building, Duncan asked Liberty, “Where should we go for dinner?”

Liberty: “Mr. Lewis, I always go to a better restaurant when I invite you to dinner. When you wanted to eat, where did you go? I like the food there, so Mr. Lewis I suggest that we eat there.”

Duncan smiled: “I used to go to Wiltspoon Hotel for dinner.”

He and Zachary were good friends, so they helped Wiltspoon Hotel.

Duncan didn’t get involved in the catering industry, and felt that the competitiveness of this industry was too great, and they couldn’t compete with Wiltspoon Hotel.

“Then let’s go to Wiltspoon Hotel for dinner.” Liberty said generously: “I’m treating guests, Mr. Lewis, please don’t compete with me.”

Duncan smiled, “Okay, I won’t argue with you.”

Now that Liberty could earn money, she could still afford to treat her occasionally. Duncan was not polite to her. If he was too polite, Liberty would get angry.

Sonny followed Duncan into his car, while Liberty drove by herself, and the two cars left the hospital quickly.

As soon as they left, Chelsea and his husband walked out with their three children.

Chelsea was scolded by her parents, with an expression of displeasure written all over her face.

She complained to her husband: “I’m doing it for Hank and also for my natal family’s good, but my parents scold me! what’s wrong with me? I have my own words, I don’t hide them, I don’t beat around the bush. It’s unreasonable for an honest person like me to be scolded.✥Desire✯Novel❋✮✦.com

Hank is in the same situation. When the scar heals, he doesn’t remember how painful it was. He even said he would forgive Jessica and that he wouldn’t leave her. He won’t leave if he doesn’t. When Sonny changed his surname to Lewis, don’t regret it. Liberty is now to get in shape, look nice, and dress like a lady.

She has opened two restaurants, bought a car, and must have a lot of savings. She is now a mobile bank. IF Hank remarried with her, we’ll all benefit.

I said those words and did those things with the cheek, all for the good of our two families.”

George said to her: “You are the only one who is smart when you are in the whole world, and everyone else is a fool?

Liberty is living a good life now, why did she remarry Hank? Thinking that your brother is studded with gold and diamonds? Everyone likes him and wants to marry him?

Don’t say that a rich man like Mr. Lewis is pursuing Liberty, even if no one pursues Liberty, she will never return to Hank’s side. You, mind your own business, you don’t have to be annoying.”

Chelsea: “…Liberty only wanted to remarry Hank when she was able to make money. If she is still as incompetent as before, no one will think highly of her.”

George said: “Say you treat others as fools. You really are like that. Liberty remarried with Hank because her head was caught by the door. Isn’t it good for her to be with Mr. Lewis? Mr. Lewis is always a billionaire, and he treats Liberty very nice and also treats Sonny as if he were his own.”

Chelsea: “My surname is Repton, who are you helping? I did that for the good of our little family and to get benefits. Look at Serenity, who is now the eldest mistress of the York family. If we can marry the York family…For this reason, our building materials business will be booming.”

“What does a hot business mean? It means money is coming in. It’s all money. Are you having trouble with money?” Her husband was hoarse, and said again: “You have to think about it. but there is nothing you can do about the current situation.”

Chelsea sighed, looked at the three children walking in front of the couple, and said, “Take three big restaurant to eat, and it will cost several hundred dollars.”


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