Married at First Sight Chapter 2101 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2101 by desirenovelAs soon as Mrs. Stone finished speaking, Elisa and Remy hurried in.

The butler went over to the two of them and said that the young master asked the two of them to come back, thinking that something had happened, the two of them hurried back.

“Mom, brother, what’s the matter?” Elisa asked as she walked over.

Seeing the serious expressions of her parents and older brother, and what information was still in her mother’s hand, Elisa went straight to her mother and sat down, then took the materials from her mother, and continued to ask: “Mom, what are these?”

Remy also looked at Mrs. Stone with concern. He sat down not far from Clive.

Another person could sit next to Elisa, considering that Mrs. Stone didn’t just accept him, she just treated him a little better.

Remy didn’t dare to get so close to Elisa in front of Mrs. Stone.

“It’s okay, your older brother investigated some people in the Farrell family in Jensburg, and sorted out some information and brought them back for Mom to look at. Aren’t you at Remy’s side? How is the decoration?” Mrs. Stone looked at Remy twice before asking her daughter.

While looking at the information, Elisa replied: “Brother asked the butler to notify me and Remy to come back. I thought something happened, so I hurried back with Remy.”

Mrs. Stone smiled and said, “Well, I wonder why you two came back together.”

Suddenly, Mrs. Stone felt that it was very good to agree with her daughter and Remy to be together. Although Remy was from Annenburg, he had real estate in Wiltspoon, and the villa he was focusing on renovating now was a neighbor of their business.

No, there’s something wrong at home, tell them both, and they’ll be back in less than five minutes. If the two really got married and lived together, Elisa could go back to her mother’s house dozens of times a day.

“The decoration hasn’t been finished yet, so I’m not in a hurry. Let them take their time, as long as the quality is good.” It was Remy who answered Mrs. Stone’s question about the decoration.

It was his and Elisa’s future home, and it had to be the best. He would discuss with Elisa how to install it and what materials to use in every place. He also asked where to plant trees and where to plant flowers in the yard. Following Elisa’s opinion.

In short, everything was arranged according to Elisa’s preferences.

This is the home he built for her.

He wanted her to like it, and wanted her to live comfortably in the future.

Mrs. Stone hummed, and said: “Renovation is a very troublesome thing. You have to redecorate the inside and outside, and even the scenery in the yard has to be remade. It takes a little longer.”

Mrs. Stone hadn’t seen it. But from the top floor of her house, she glanced at the next door, and she could see the layout of the yard. She knew that the original layout of the yard had been changed except for those trees that had not been removed.

“Brother, these are all personal information. It doesn’t say that Mom is from the Farrell family, nor does it mention the cause of death of grandparents.” After Elisa finished reading the information on the important members of the Farrell family, she looked up at her older brother, a little puzzled.

She thought that the older brother’s investigation into the cause of the death of her grandparents could also prove that her mother was the oldest daughter of the previous head of the Farrell family.

Clive said: “I just checked their information. The cause of death of grandpa and grandma was just said by the older generation, but no one has evidence in hand. Everyone is suspicious and guessing. Decades have passed, and now we are going to find out the cause of death of grandpa and grandma. There is not much hope. Unless there is someone who knows, and the insider has evidence, otherwise we can only treat the cause of death of grandpa and grandma as rumors. There is no way to take the current Matriarch. Whether Mom is from the Farrell family is easy to handle. As long as Mom goes to Jensburg and has a blood relationship test with the current head of the Farrell family, I can confirm whether Mom is from the Farrell family.”


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