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Married at First Sight Chapter 2737-Zachary smiled. “Children are naturally playful. Sonny usually doesn’t have many playmates. He is always alone. Even if we adults accompany him, he will be lonely. Children still like to play with children.”

He touched Serenity’s belly and said, “Our little guy won’t be able to meet each other until next year. When he grows to the age of Sonny, Sonny won’t like playing with little kids anymore.”

Serenity: “Sonny will love his younger siblings. He is like my sister and will act like a big brother or big sister.”

Zachary: “That’s right. Go to sleep. If you still don’t want to sleep, do something for me.”

Serenity: “…I sleep; I fall asleep.”

She closed her eyes and said she was asleep.

Zachary laughed lowly. “You’re still talking even when you’re asleep.”

Serenity: “I talk in my sleep.”

Zachary smiled and bit her lips, then hugged her and fell asleep again with her.

peaceful night.

early the next morning, at the Farrell family in Jensburg.

Kathryn, who was used to getting up early, put on a pair of sportswear and walked out of the room refreshed.

When she left the room, she deliberately walked slowly so as not to disturb the rest of the people.

The incident happened very late last night. After Holden was sent to the hospital, the mansion slowly calmed down.

Kathryn didn’t know what was going on with Holden.

Last night, after Matriarch Farrell let her and her three brothers go downstairs, she soon heard Holden’s scream from upstairs. After that, the ambulance arrived and went upstairs to carry Holden away.

The only ones who followed him to the hospital were Matriarch Farrell and Kathryn. The bodyguard group and others were not allowed to go to the hospital.

They were not allowed to inquire about the reason for Holden’s screams.

As long as Kathryn knew that Holden was alive, Matriarch Farrell probably wouldn’t kill Holden for the sake of her four siblings.

Before reaching the stairs, she heard the doors opening in other rooms and then heard footsteps. Kathryn looked over and saw that it was Erika.

“Kathryn, good morning.”

Erika saw Kathryn and said good morning with a smile.

Kathryn’s beautiful eyes flickered, her expression unchanged from before, and she responded, “Sister-in-law, you’re waking up so early!”

“Well, I woke up and couldn’t sleep. If I can’t sleep, I might as well get up and take a walk.”

Speaking of this, Erika lowered her voice and said, “I want to go out and see Shiloh’s miserable condition. She cried and screamed at the door all night last night, and there was no sound until the second half of the night. I don’t know if she froze to death.”

The temperature in Jensburg was much lower than that in Wiltspoon.

It’s a bit chilly in Wiltspoon right now, so they need to wear a light coat sooner or later.

The current temperature in Jensburg at night, especially in the second half of the night, could make people shiver. The temperature was just like the temperature in Wiltspoon in the winter.

Kathryn said, “Mom asked the sisters-in-law to throw all her clothes out, but the cold didn’t kill her.”

However, after being kicked out of the Farrell family’s mansion, she couldn’t take anything with her except her clothes. Shiloh, who had grown up with the Farrell family holding her in the palm of their hands and led a life of a proud girl, had a really miserable night.

Erika thought about it and said, “That’s right. The cold won’t kill her. However, she cried all night, and her voice is probably hoarse from crying. I just want to go out and see her miserable condition.”

At this point, her voice lowered a little. “While mom is not at home, we can vent our anger in front of Shiloh. Oh, from today on, we can no longer call her Shiloh. Mom said she is not our Farrell family.”

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