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Married at First Sight Chapter 2738-Kathryn said, “Sister-in-law, what’s the point of watching it alone? It’s more interesting to invite the second sister-in-law and the third sister-in-law to watch it together. If mom comes back and takes a look, the three of you will not be punished by law, and mom won’t do anything to you.”

“Although my mom kicked her out in anger and said she would never let her surname be Farrell, if Farrell’ doesn’t cooperate in changing her surname, what can my mom do? She will definitely not change her surname. She dislikes her biological parents very much. When her own mother comes to see her, she sends them away like beggars.”

The last time her adoptive mother came to see Shiloh, Kathryn knew how Shiloh treated her biological mother.

Her adoptive mother treated her so badly, and she deserved to be disliked by her biological daughter.

“I’m afraid that after my mom’s anger subsides, if Shiloh starts to cry and the sales are miserable, my mother will become soft-hearted again.”

Erika said in shock, “After all this, can Mom still let her come back?”

Kathryn: “I mean, just in case.”

Thinking of her mother-in-law’s doting on Shiloh, Erika nodded. “It’s a possibility. I’ll send a message to your second sister-in-law and third sister-in-law and ask them if they want to see Shiloh’s miserable condition.”

Last night, they didn’t dare go out to watch.

After Shiloh was dragged out by the three sisters-in-law and thrown at the door of the mansion, the three young ladies went back to the house and did not dare to stay for a moment longer.

The mother-in-law’s anger would burn down the entire Farrell family, so it’s better for them to keep a low profile.

Kathryn: “Sister-in-law, I’m going out for a run.”

Erika said, “It’s such a cold day that you still get up so early to go out for a run. I admire your perseverance and persistence. I can’t get up to run. I see that my belly is getting bigger and bigger.”

Erika touched the little fat on her belly.

“Sister-in-law, how many women start to gain weight when they reach middle age, growing sideways and out of control? As long as you control your diet a little, you can lose weight.”

Erika hummed, “I want to start controlling it. I will stop overeating and go out dancing at night.”

After finishing talking with Erika, Kathryn went downstairs first.

Erika sent a message to her two sisters-in-law.

Soon, Anya and Amora came out of the room. It turned out that, like Erika, they did not sleep well last night. It is estimated that not many of them could sleep well last night.

After Kathryn went downstairs, she saw the Butler, who greeted her respectfully.

“Miss, the temperature is low today; do you still want to go out for a run? The same goes for going to the gym to work out.”

The gym was indoors, so it’s not that cold.

“I’m wearing winter sportswear, so I won’t get cold when I run. In the past, when it snowed, they asked me to go out early in the morning to do things, and I wore thin clothes. I’m used to the cold, but now I don’t get cold while it’s snowing.”

The Butler looked distressed and said, “That’s all in the past. Miss, it’s really abominable how they treated you in the past. Look at how kind Madam Farrell is to Miss Shiloh. Oh, I can’t call Miss Shiloh now. But I’m used to it, and I can’t change it for a while.”

The Butler saw Shiloh being kicked out by Matriarch Farrell and knew that Shiloh had made a big mistake, so his attitude towards Kathryn became a little more respectful.

The biological ones are the biological ones, after all.

Even if Kathryn grew up in the countryside, even if she didn’t have much affection for Matriarch Farrell, she still had a biological blood relationship that Shiloh couldn’t compare to.

The Butler finally recognized the fact.

No matter how much Matriarch Farrell doted on Shiloh in the past, as long as Shiloh was not her biological child, the person who would eventually sit in a high position would be Kathryn.

The Butler would be respectful to Kathryn in the future. After Kathryn took over the Farrell family, it would be the best outcome for him to retire smoothly. As for staying in the Farrell family and continuing to be the Butler, he dares not think about it. If he couldn’t gain the trust of Kathryn, it would be impossible for him to stay in the Farrell family and continue to be the Butler.

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