The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6199

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6199-James had said everything he could say.

The rest was still kept hidden.

On this journey, he always believed that true strength was the foundation that gave one influence and a foothold.

One had to be powerful.

Take Franciscus as an example; he could crush all powerhouses in Genesis World.

Other strongholds were like the Timaeus Sect and the Yaquis Sect.

They had countless powerhouses; the more the merrier.

Undoubtedly, James wanted both.

He also had the capability of having both.

Although more than half of the captured peak Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation Behaterm Sect powerhouses had been taken away by Yaquis Holiness, James still had six of them.

Including Yancy, the Behaterm Sect’s Leader, and Wylie, the Sanctum Sect’s Leader, he had a total of eight powerhouses at the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.

If these powerhouses were used as cultivation resources, it would be a waste.

However, if James used Curse Magic to control and make use of them, the Jademora Empire’s overall strength would increase.

More importantly, Yaquis Holiness wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of Yancy and absorb the Behaterm Sect.

Of course, James could not let him succeed.

As long as Yancy and the remaining six Behaterm Sect powerhouses were in James’ hands, with Yancy’s prestige, regaining control of the Behaterm Sect would not be a problem for James.

As for the Behaterm Sect, whether it would continue to stay in the new alliance, withdraw from it, or ally with the Justus Sect and the Skynet, James could call the shots.

According to Yegor’s words, Forladtt Land might be a refuge camp for all living beings from the Three Thousand Great Genesis Worlds and countless Micro Genesis Worlds.

If so, James had to prepare in advance.

James dared not put his hope in the Skynet, but the Iustus Sect and the Behaterm Sect could be used as the foundation for the Jademora Empire to be established in Forladtt Land.

This strategy was better than any other strategy.

Next, James let Lyla, who was the most familiar with sect affairs, take over the Sanctum Sect with Rebella and Xatia as her assistants.

Meanwhile, James went to the sanctuary where Yancy and Wylie were imprisoned.

Seeing how pitiful the two living beings looked, James walked toward a huge rock and sat on it.

Upon seeing James, the two living beings climbed up and bowed at him.

They begged for him to spare their lives.

Sighing, James pursed his lips and smiled.

“You guys should thank Tai Chi.

Otherwise, your original forms would have been exposed by now.” Upon hearing that, Yancy and Wylie were taken aback.

Although they had no idea what James meant, they sensed that he was going to spare their lives.

In a relaxed manner, James said, “I don’t care why you guys became a couple in the first place, but you guys are husband and wife now.

Do you guys want to be together always or be far apart?” Yancy raised his head.

“We want to stay together, of course.

As long as you don’t kill us, we will listen to anything you say.” Wylie hurriedly said in a coy tone, “I want to be your assistant and protect you.” “Hey, read the room,” Yancy said angrily.

“How dare you disobey Master?” Wylie quickly shook her head.

“You’re a pervert.

I don’t want to be with you.

I don’t…” “That’s enough.” James sighed and said, “I’m not here to listen to a couple quarrel.” Yancy and Wylie shrunk in fear.

They shut their mouths right away.

“T’ll give you guys a chance to live.” James looked at them.

“But, it depends on whether or not you guys can grab the chance.”

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