The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6201

The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 6201-After listening to James’ words, tears streamed down Wylie’s face as she quickly nodded.

“Master, I’ll never betray you as long as you treat me well.” James remained silent, only raising his hand at her before turning to look at Yancy.

By now, Yancy had already calmed down from the agony of the Curse Magic.

Though disheveled, he was not seriously harmed.

“Sir Yancy.” James smiled.

“Now we have established a basic level of trust.

As for lifting your seal, we’ll need to discuss that.” Yancy’s face turned ashen.

He had heard James and Wylie’s conversation just now, and he was well aware of his current situation, which was even worse than having his cultivation sealed.

Even if he were to lift the seal now, or even return to the Behaterm Sect, he would still be James’ slave, at his mercy to be dispersed at any time.

“Although your seal was made by a Quasi Daelcon Rank powerhouse, it can be undone by a powerhouse of a lower rank.

I can do it.” James smiled.

“However, I’m looking for a certain attitude from you.” “You can monitor my soul, can’t you?” Yancy grimaced.

“You’ll naturally know everything.” “I know all your thoughts, but you may not know mine.” James smiled as he approached Yancy.

“Being controlled by others isn’t pleasant, but when will you and your Behaterm Sect be able to control your own destiny, instead of being caught between the Timaeus Sect and the Yaquis Sect?” “What do you want me to do?” Yancy sighed softly.

“Give me a clear path, please.” James smiled.

“First, lead all the forces of the Behaterm Sect and secretly enter the Sanctum Genesis World.

Second, seize the Xyndaros Genesis World at the right time.” At these words, Yancy was shocked.

“Although the Xyndaros Genesis World is not on par with the Three Thousand Great Genesis Worlds, it’s still a part of the Righteous Alliance.

With the strength of the Behaterm Sect alone, it’s impossible…” “The Xyndaros Genesis World has only eight powerhouses at the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation.” James interrupted Yancy.

“They are not the main force of the Timaeus Sect, but the Yavana Pavilion, ranked fourth in the Righteous Alliance, is.

As long as you catch them off guard, you can take them down with one blow.” “what about reinforcements?” Yancy frowned.

“Won’t the Righteous Alliance send reinforcements…” “You didn’t get what I said.” James interrupted him again.

“Do it at the right time.

If we attack at a designated time, they won’t have time to send reinforcements.” Seeing that Yancy was still doubtful, James recounted the truce time and the origins of both alliances.

After listening, Yancy gasped.

“You truly are a strategist.” “Are you still not convinced?” James chuckled.

Yancy immediately knelt down.

“I’m convinced.

I accept your command.” “You’re quite smart.” James smiled.

“As for explaining things to the Grand Patriarchs of your Behaterm Sect, you know what to do.” Yancy was stunned for a moment, then nodded hastily.

It was not until this moment that James displayed his Supernatural Power to lift Yancy’s cultivation seal.

The seal on Yancy by the Yaquis Holiness was the Historial Power, which was not something an ordinary powerhouse at the peak of the Yuraeceon Daelm Rank’s Ninth Tribulation could undo.

However, James was an exception because the Historial Power was precisely what he needed.

With the simultaneous application of the Yuraeceon Genesis Bell and the Historial Great Curse, the seal was finally lifted amidst Yancy’s painful scream.


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