Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1100 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1100

Sonny might not understand that it was a business, but he knew that no one else but Aunt Ser and Uncle Zack were the only exceptions to the paying rule.

Hank was dumbstruck for a moment before remarking, “I’m your father, Sonny. How can you compare me with Mr. Lewis? He’s an outsider. Besides, Mr. Lewis isn’t a good man. He’s scary.”

Sharing the sentiment, Sonny bobbed his head and replied in his childish voice, “Dunc is scary, but he’s not a bad man!”

Hank did not forget the time he told his son to kick a fuss every time Duncan came looking for Liberty. Refusing to dwell on the same topic, Hank took the hint and talked about breakfast again. His son was stubborn.

The little man said that Mr. Lewis was scary, but he was not a bad man. Despite Hank’s efforts to change the boy’s mind, Sonny stuck to his guns about Mr. Lewis.

“Alright. I’ll pay. Happy now? I feel like it’s all about money for you after the divorce.

“You’re so petty. You hold every dime against me. We were once a married couple no matter what.”

Hank whined while putting his son down to take out his wallet. He pulled out twenty bucks from his wallet and handed the money to Liberty. He said, “The breakfast set.”

Liberty took his money and gave him back his change.

“You wanted to split the differences in the expenses and bring money to every conversation we had before we divorced. Now that I have nothing to do with you, have you no shame to freeload off me?”

Hank choked.

Women were such vengeful souls.

They went halves for a couple of months. That was all. It had been several months since the divorce, and Liberty was still hung up about the past.

“I’m Sonny’s father.”

“All You Can Eat belongs to me and not Sonny. You’re Sonny’s father, but you’re not mine. So don’t act like I’m your child.”

Hank retorted, “You’ve changed, Liberty. You’ve become sharp–tongued. I bet you learned it from Serenity. Your sister has married into an affluent family, and these families are all about etiquette and class. Can she adapt with that temper of hers? You should talk some sense into Serenity. Tell her to be more ladylike.”

Lifting her head, Liberty callously glared at Hank.

There was not another peep from Hank.

Serenity and Liberty had been living large since Liberty decided to go separate ways with Hank.

With Sonny in his arms, Hank turned around and walked away. He spotted an empty table as a customer was leaving. Hank called Mrs. Lane to tidy up the table before taking a seat at the table with his son.

Watching as Liberty dove back into work, Hank was brought back to the past. He slowly realized why Liberty changed. No. Liberty did not change–she merely regained her shrewd and capable self.

The years Liberty was most foolish and gullible was when she was his wife.

They had known each other for more than a decade. He would be lying if he said he never had feelings for Liberty.

Liberty was good to him in the past because she loved him. Hank took her love for granted and thought she was simply useless.

Now that she had stopped loving him… She became the intelligent and capable woman she once was.

Deep down, Hank was jealous of Liberty’s success in her career, so he manipulated her in the name of love and got her to ditch professional wear for an apron.

Liberty’s life as a housewife revolved around her husband and child. Her whole world was caring for the family, from the parents–in–law to Sonny. Liberty had no time to go shopping or have a get–together with former colleagues. As time went on, her former friends started walking out of her life.

She became out of touch with society. The daily bustle of household chores left her no time to dress up, and slowly, Liberty put no thought to her appearance.


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