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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1101

Hank admitted that he was a bad man. He wanted to force

Liberty to grow disconnected from society with no source of income and become a faded woman in her early thirties.

Compared to many housewives who had suffered the same situation, Liberty was a very brave person. She decisively cut off her relationship with Hank.

She never compromised just because of her child.

Although divorce might be harmful to the child, it would be equally detrimental if they fought all day while remaining together and there would be no peace at home too.

It was better to get divorced and raise her son alone. As long as she taught him attentively, she could raise him to be a confident person.

Mrs. Lane took a plate of eggs and bacon and placed it in front of Hank.

Hank was pulled back from his drifting thoughts. His life. now with Jessica was also happy and sweet. Although there were some family conflicts, the husband and wife were still in the break–in period. He would live a better life than with Liberty after they settle down.

He ate his breakfast in peace.

He fed Sonny some of the food, but Sonny`refused to share the same fork with him. The little boy insisted on having his own fork and speared a slice of bacon by himself. He did not need Hank to feed him. He even thought that the saliva on the fork that his dad used was dirty!

“Sonny knows how to feed himself now. What a good boy. Lucas still needs your Aunt Chelsea to feed him.”

Hank felt that his son was better than his nephew.

After a while, Liberty finished cooking Hank’s mushroom soup and asked Mrs. Lane to serve it.

Hank asked for a small bowl and served his son some soup.

The father and son ate together with relish.

As time passed, the morning rush hour ended and fewer people came in for breakfast.

Mrs. Lane and Liberty were finally able to rest.

The father and son were still eating. They chewed so slowly as if they did not have teeth.

Liberty cleaned up the dishes and wiped the tables. She did not stop Hank from their father–and–son bonding time.

There was no need to implicate innocent children in parents‘ grudges.

The glass door was pushed open.

Liberty and Mrs. Lane instinctively looked at the person who came in.

It was Jessica.

Mrs. Lane quietly went to get a broom, thinking that she would help Liberty chase the woman out if she dared cause trouble in the shop.

Jessica entered and saw that Hank really was at his ex- wife’s shop, eating breakfast together with his son. To Mrs. Lane’s surprise, although Jessica did not look happy, she was not aggressive like the last two times she came here. She did not act as though she had caught the ex–couple in the act of adultery.

“I came to find my husband.”

Jessica said indifferently to Liberty before going straight to Hank.


Jessica walked over to Hank and called out to him.

Hank, who finally had time to spend with his son, dropped his fork out of shock when he suddenly heard his wife call him.

Fortunately, he already finished the food.

He had not had such a delicious breakfast for a long time. More accurately, he really missed the Hunt sisters‘ amazing cooking.


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