Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1102 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1102

When Serenity previously lived in his home, she handled all

the household chores…

“J–Jessica, l–I just came here to have breakfast.”

Hank picked up the fallen fork and threw it into the trash can under the table.

He stood up and explained to Jessica that he was just here for breakfast.

Jessica looked at Sonny.

Sonny looked back at her. His face took after Liberty, and his eyes were bright and clear. He was a lovely child.

Jessica could not bring herself to continue looking at him.

Hank quickly explained, “Liberty was very busy earlier, and there was no one to look after Sonny, so I let him sit next to me and looked after him while I ate. Sonny is still my son, after all.”

He knew that Jessica greatly disliked it when his family brought Sonny up in conversations, and she hated it when he visited Sonny.

Jessica took a few deep breaths and suppressed her anger. She did not like her husband and his family always coming to visit Sonny and talking about him at all. Her in–laws always said that Sonny was their precious grandson and he was the only one who could carry on the family lineage.

Hank did not treat his son this well before the divorce, but now, he came over to see Sonny every few days. Jessica was always worried that Hank and Liberty would rekindle their relationship. Her mother–in–law clamored endlessly for Hank to abandon her and pursue Liberty again.

She was baffled too. It had been several months since she started being intimate with Hank, but she was still not pregnant. She was worried that there was something wrong with her health.

If she got pregnant, her husband’s family might treat her better.

“I’m not trying to blame you, Hank, but tell me the next time you want to come here for breakfast. I also haven’t eaten Liberty’s cooking for a long time. In the past, you would often pack it back to the office for me to eat.”

Liberty suddenly paused at wiping the table, then realization struck her.

In the past, Hank often woke up late and said that he did not have time to eat breakfast at home. She packed food for him to take to the office to eat since she was afraid that he would go hungry. Little did she know, he was bringing the food for Jessica to eat.

A lot of the credit for Hank successfully winning over

Jessica might be thanks to the breakfast that Liberty and

Serenity made.

Hank smiled sheepishly. “I’ll call you next time.”

Then, he reached out to take Jessica’s hand and asked fawningly, “Honey, have you eaten? How about I order some food for you?”

“I’ve eaten. You’re done eating here, right? Then let’s go. Our house is still being renovated. You should go and have a look too. You can’t let me handle everything.”

Jessica drew her hand back and turned to leave after speaking.

Hank followed at her heels.

Jessica walked to his car and waited for him.

Hank went over and opened the car door while asking, “You didn’t drive?”

“You already drove your car. It’ll be a waste of gas if I drive another car. I took a cab here. We’ll go back in your car.”

Jessica pulled open the door of the passenger seat, sat down, and buckled her seatbelt. When Hank started to drive, she said in a gentle tone, “Hank, if you want to see Sonny, then do it boldly. As long as you tell me, I won’t stop you from visiting your son. There’s no need for you to go behind my back to see him.

“In fact, I can accompany you when you visit your son. Although I didn’t give birth to Sonny, he’s very cute, and I have a good impression of him. I don’t have a child of my own yet, so I’m willing to accompany you as you bond with Sonny, lest he forgets that you’re his father.

“As long as Liberty agrees, you can even take Sonny back to our home for a few days so your parents can play with their grandson.”

Hank was surprised.

Why was Jessica so understanding today?


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