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Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1106

Camryn maintained her smile and answered, “I also sell flowerpots, fertilizers for flowers, potting soil, and so on. What do you need, sir?”

Callum pursed his lips. The woman in front of him spoke with a constant smile, but she gave off a wispy feeling.

However, her words were sharp.

“I’ll just take a look.”

Callum walked past Camryn and entered the store to wander around.

After making a round, he turned to find that Camryn was following him not far behind.

Why was she following him when she was pretending to be blind? Was she revealing herself?

“Sir?” Camryn called out to Callum when she did not hear his subtle footsteps anymore.

Callum felt uncertain again when he saw her expression. Was she blind or just pretending to be blind?

He decided to test her.

After looking around the store, his gaze finally locked on a potted cactus. He took the pot and put it on the counter, asking, “I want this one. How much is it?”

Camryn turned toward the direction of his voice and walked toward him.

“Which pot did you choose, sir? Could you tell me where it was originally placed? I… can’t see.”

Callum stared at her large eyes. She was not wearing black sunglasses now, so he could see her eyes clearly.

Her large eyes were unfocused. They would have looked beautiful if she was not blind.

“You can’t see? Then how were you able to follow me earlier?”

Camryn fished out the glasses case from her pocket, opened it, took out her sunglasses, and put them on. Then, she replied, “I have very good hearing and can hear subtle movements.

“I followed behind you by listening to the sound of your footsteps.”

Callum hummed. He had heard before that blind people had good hearing.

“I picked one out at random and didn’t see its position. You should be familiar with the flowers in your own store. Can’t you rely on your sense of touch to find out what pot I picked?”

He did not believe that his nana really picked out a blind woman for him.

He had to test her.

“I placed the pot on your checkout counter.”

Camryn did not say anything. She silently went up and

reached out to touch the pot placed on the counter. When she touched it with both hands, her fingers were pricked by the cactus’s thorns.

She instinctively withdrew her hand.

Callum watched her the entire time and saw her touch the cactus. She really did seem like a blind person who relied on touch.

“Sir, you picked out a cactus.”

Camryn reached out again. This time, she placed her hands on the counter and slowly searched for the pot. After determining the size, she said, “Sir, the cactus you picked is a large one. It’s a little more expensive and costs forty–five dollars.”

“That’s too expensive. What about the small pot? The kind that can be placed on the desk.”

“The small ones range from ten to twenty dollars. If you want to place it on your desk, then you can pick out a small pot. The sixteen dollar one is a good choice.”

As she spoke, she slowly walked to a plant rack, felt for a small pot of cactus, and handed it to Callum.

Callum’s purpose was to test whether

Camryn was truly blind or not.

From the test, it seemed that Camryn was indeed blind. Callum immediately stopped his little test. There were plenty of opportunities in the future to test her again, so he simply said, “All right. I’ll take it.”


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