Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1107 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1107

Callum took out his phone but saw that there were no cashless payment options on the counter. He asked, “Your store doesn’t accept payments via e–wallets?”

Camryn said honestly, “I can’t see, so I didn’t set up cashless payments. I don’t have an e–wallet account.”

She took out her phone and showed it to Callum. It was an old–fashioned model that sported a keypad. She could only make phone calls and send messages with the phone.

Camryn could not see, so she could only call others by pressing the keypad. She could not use a smartphone either.

“I posted a sign at the door saying that the store only accepts cash. If you don’t have cash and if my two shop assistants are present, you can pay her via Apple Pay and she’ll pay me back in cash.”

He did not tell her that it was a hundred–dollar bill.

Then, he stared at her and watched as she touched the money. After feeling it several times, she went around the counter and opened the drawer. Callum was tall, and he stood close, so his sharp eyes saw that there were many small compartments in the drawer. Each compartment contained different denominations of money.

Camryn was very skilled in getting the change.

She found eighty-four dollars for him and said, “Please come back again if you need anything else.”

Callum took the money and counted it. There was no mistake. He stuffed the money back into his wallet and asked, “Do you have a business card? Give me one. I’ll call you the next time I need to buy flowers and you can have someone send them to me. It’ll save me the effort of coming here to get it since I’m very busy.”

“Yes, sir. Just a moment.”

Camryn retrieved a business card from a small box on the counter and handed it to Callum. He took the card, looked at it, and slipped it into his pants pocket. Then, he picked up his pot of cactus.

“I’ll be leaving now.”

“Have a nice day, sir.”

Camryn followed Callum out.

Callum twisted his head and glanced at her twice but did not say anything. He went to his car parked nearby and soon drove away.

As soon as Callum left, Camryn’s two shop assistants arrived. Together with Camryn, they moved out some potted flowers and arranged them.

“Why is this cactus here?”

One of the shop assistants saw the cactus on the counter and asked Camryn while she picked the pot up and put it back in its place.

“A gentleman came earlier to buy a cactus. He said that he wanted to put it on his desk, and that one was too large, so he got a smaller one instead.”

Camryn did not mention that Callum was testing her.

He did not come here to buy flowers. He only bought a small pot of cactus after deliberately using it to test her.

Who was he?

It seemed he was going after her.

She was confident that she had never met him before.

He was a little mean.

Because of him, she was pricked by the cactus thorns.

The shop assistant hummed, and Camryn did not say anything else. She sat back at the register as cleaning and watering the flowers would be done by the assistants.

Callum soon returned to York Corporation after leaving the flower store. He got out of the car with his small pot of cactus in one hand and entered the office building.

Zachary also just arrived.

He sent his wife to the bookstore first, so he came to the office a little later than usual.

“Zachary,” Callum called out to him.


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