Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1111 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1111

“They can try every dirty trick under the sun, but we’re not going to change our minds about taking them to court. We’ll only take what is ours and nothing more,” Serenity spoke firmly.

She was not a heartless person, but she could show no mercy when it came to her money- hungry relatives.

It would take Serenity a lifetime to get over the hurt from her childhood.

“Of course. They can talk and make up stories all they want. We’ll take the legal route, so it’s a fair game for them and us.”

Elisa said, “I have never met anyone more shameless than them. Are you sure your father is their blood family, Seren?”

“I believe so. My father shared an uncanny resemblance with his old man. They’re just playing favorites…. That’s the case with some parents-they dote on the oldest and youngest while the middle child tends to get ignored.

“I will request for a DNA test if they put up a defense, saying that my father isn’t their child in court. The DNA test will prove the blood relations.

“If they aren’t willing to do the DNA test, it can only mean that they are lying and have something to hide.”

With the current medical-technology, a DNA test could determine blood ties between family members.

The rumors spread by Old Mr. and Mrs. Hunt in town would only make them a laughingstock.

Everybody came from the same town, and the older generation was still around when Serenity’s father was born. These people would not be blind to the truth.

It was the same with Serenity’s mother. The people in Lisa’s hometown might not remember much about her, but they knew that Lisa was adopted.

“As you said, they’re spreading rumors to guilt-trip you into thinking that you shouldn’t fight for the property since you’re not related to them.”

Elisa and Jasmine shared the same thoughts.

The Hunts’ ability to twist the facts was all too familiar to them.

“It’s good that you girls are aware of it,” Elisa added. “The project we’re investing in is

there, but I’ll get someone to be our representative and manage the project. You’ll be the first to know if anything happens.”

“Thank you, Elisa.”

“Don’t mention it. We’re best friends and cousins. Don’t get all polite with me. We’re closer than that. Are you using a different skincare product? I don’t think it’s the brand I gave you. You smell different.”

Elisa was familiar with her favorite and commonly used skincare products. She did not notice at first, but she realized it now. Hence why she asked. Elisa was also changing the topic to stop Serenity from thanking her repeatedly.

“Yeah. You smell different to me too.”

Jasmine gleefully asked her best friend, “Are you using the skincare products Mr. York. gave you?”

“You talk as if Mr. Bucham doesn’t give you anything. Mr. Bucham is more attentive and romantic than my man. You can call mine a blockhead. He can’t seem to take a hint. He needs direct orders.

“He gave me a few different collections of skincare products, saying that I can only use the ones he bought me. Isn’t he domineering? He wants to take over every aspect of my life.”

Elisa and Jasmine answered in unison, “You should be content. He spoils you crazy, and here you are, whining about it. You don’t know how good you get it.”

Zachary did not know much about romance, nor was he sensual with his words. Nevertheless, anyone could spot his love and concern for Serenity from a mile away.

Elisa knew better than anyone else how much Zachary changed for Serenity. God knew how many women in Wiltspoon were jealous of Serenity.


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