Married at First Sight Chapter 2105 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2105 by desirenovelJulian looked at the file bag.

After Mrs. Stone noticed Julian’ eyes, she didn’t hide it, and said to him: “Julian, I have something to ask for your help.”

Julian smiled and said: “Mrs. Stone, you don’t need to be so polite. If you need help with something, just tell me, if I can help, I will definitely help. Recently, I have been bothering Ms. Stone. In fact, I feel very sorry. Being able to help you will make me feel better.”

Besides, Elisa and Julian’s younger siblings were good friends. For the sake of his younger siblings, if Mrs. Stone opened her mouth, Julian would help.

Mrs. Stone told Julian about her life experience and her suspicion that her parents and family members died unexpectedly.

After listening to Mrs. Stone’s words, Julian got up immediately and wanted to leave.

Clive and Remy moved in unison, got up and grabbed Julian at the same time, and pushed him back to his original position.

Julian said: “I’m bothering everyone, I’d better go.”

Mrs. Stone said dumbfoundingly: “Julian, is this going to help? You are only now looking for evidence. This is a very tricky matter. Even if you search, you may not be able to find it. It is impossible for the person who did this to leave traces. The years are drowning.”

Julian said: “The insider is probably dead. It’s not that I don’t want to help with this matter, but it’s very difficult to help. I’m afraid that if I agree, I won’t be able to hand over useful information in the end, which will disappoint Mrs. Stone’s promise.”

So, it’s better for him not to intervene.

Julian regretted that he had glanced at the file bag, why did he look at the file bag, it was not filled with gold.

Elisa asked him: “Young master Bucham, can’t you even find out? Isn’t your Bucham family the best in this line of work? No one dares to be number one even if you call it second.”

Julian smiled wryly: “Miss Stone, our family is in this line of business, and our family is famous and powerful, but no matter how powerful we are, we are still human beings, ordinary people, not gods, and we don’t have the ability to reach heaven. If I were a god, I would travel through time. It’s okay to go back to the past and help you find evidence, but unfortunately I’m not a god.”

Elisa stopped talking.

Human abilities are also limited.

Facing the Stone family who was looking at him, Julian thought for a while, and then said to Mrs. Stone: “If you don’t care about the result, I can help. What does Mrs. Stone think?”

It meant that he would help with the investigate, but that he wouldn’t be found for sure.

Just to tell Mrs. Stone not to have too high expectations of him.

After all, forty or fifty years had passed, and at that time, Julian hadn’t been born yet.

Mrs. Stone said: “I also know that the evidence is hard to find. I dare not ask Julian to help me find the evidence. As long as Julian helps me, it’s fine if I can find the evidence. If I can’t find it, I won’t blame you.”

If my sister and I are really members of the Farrell family, even if there is no evidence to prove that my second aunt killed my parents, the position of the head of the Farrell family, if I want to take it back for my descendants or my sister’s descendants, it is fine.”

Farrell family was all headed by women.


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