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Married at First Sight Chapter 2741-Erika continued: “If it’s not yours, it’s not yours. The prosperous life you have had for more than 20 years was stolen. From now on, you will be in poverty and live worse than a pig or a dog. Get out of here and go back to your hometown. It’s so embarrassing to call our Kathryn a country bumpkin, but the real country bumpkin is you! Ugh!”

The three young ladies were very angry with Shiloh.

At this time, Shiloh was in despair, and they were all sarcastic.

Shiloh sat down and said, “I won’t leave. I won’t leave. I want to wait for my mom to come back and explain to her that it was not my intention. I was being plotted. Let me know who plotted against me. I will pay back a hundred times a thousand times.”

She glared at her three sisters-in-law and suddenly asked, “Are you plotting against me?”

Erika stepped forward and slapped Shiloh hard on the face. She said, “A fake like you is not worthy of me dirtying my hands! You are shameless, so you have the nerve to rely on others. B*tch, let me tell you, no matter how you quibble, the scene last night was engraved in Mom’s mind; she would never forget it. You, it’s over.”

Amora turned around and walked back to the villa. It didn’t take long before it came out again.

She brought a basin of cold water. Without giving everyone time to react, she poured a basin of cold water on Shiloh’s head.

Shiloh groaned, and her instinctive reaction was to jump up.

The weather was already cold, and a basin of cold water was poured on her. Shiloh shivered from the cold. Her clothes were splashed wet, and even the clothes on the ground were wet.

“Amora, Anya, go again and bring a basin of water out, wash all her clothes, leave her without any clothes to cover her, and freeze her to death. See if she still stays here and won’t leave?”

Erika ordered them to bring out a basin of water again.

“I am coming too.” Anya also followed in.

Soon, the two young ladies came out, each carrying a basin of cold water.

Shiloh hurriedly picked up a few pieces of clothes that were not wet yet and ran away with the clothes in her arms, cursing as she ran, “Just wait for me; I won’t let you go! You are so vicious-hearted; no wonder my brothers don’t like you. If your parents’ family hadn’t had some status, do you think my three brothers still want you?”

When the matter of her husband’s cheating was mentioned, the three young ladies became angry again. In addition to splashing all the clothes on Shiloh’s pile on the ground, they also grabbed the basin and chased Shiloh.

They caught up with Shiloh, grabbed her, and beat her up.

Shiloh screamed repeatedly.

She had also learned some boxing and kicking skills, but she was not good at them, and she was at a disadvantage against the three young ladies by herself.

At this moment, she was extremely regretful that she had not practiced martial arts properly before.

“What are you doing?” Marco shouted loudly.

The melee ended.

Erika tidied her clothes and did not forget to kick Shiloh, who was knocked down.

She said to her husband, “Marco, Shiloh is scolding not only us but also dad and mom. She has reprimanded all of us. The scolding is so unpleasant that we really can’t help it. Let’s teach her a lesson.”

Marco came over and glared. “You are both young ladies, but you act like a shrew. If you don’t go back and let others see you, do you still want your face? Do you think we don’t have enough things at home?”

Almost all the people living here were members of the Farrell family.

They were from the family head’s bloodline, and they were laughed at every day. Marco felt his face get hot.

Several people went back to the villa.

Marco walked up to Shiloh and kneeled down to help Shiloh.

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