Married At First Sight Chapter 2742 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2742-Shiloh said, “Brother.”

After being helped up by Marco, Shiloh collapsed, threw herself into Marco’s arms, and cried bitterly.

What did she do wrong?

Why did they do this to her?

She was also a victim.

Marco hugged her and said distressedly, “Stop crying; you leave first; last, they hurt you again. They have a lot of resentment towards you now, and if they get the opportunity, they will bully you hard.”

Shiloh was on their side, and she offended their wives.

Even though Shiloh and them were both women, Shiloh was their sister. If she didn’t stand on her brother’s side, how could she stand on the sister-in-law’s side? As a sister-in-law, how many of them really side with the sister-in-law?

Kathryn helped her three sisters-in-law, not because she was righteous but because she had no feelings for her brothers.

“I won’t leave, brother; I won’t leave. I want to wait for my mother to come back and explain to her. I really don’t know how things happened. I am the victim. Someone must have plotted against me. There was a banquet at home last night. Come on. Someone killed so many people, but I was the one who got tricked. Someone must have framed me and wanted to kill me.”

The person who harmed her was more vicious than her.

Everyone was aware that someone had manipulated what happened last night. As long as they calm down and analyze it, they can guess who is responsible.

Marco didn’t dare say it because he gave Holden most of the bottle of wine that Holden and Shiloh drank. The wine he drank in his room was not finished and was placed on the wine cabinet of the small bar in the room.

Holden came to him in a bad mood and asked for a bottle of wine.

He was worried that Holden would get drunk, so he didn’t bring a whole bottle of wine to Holden, so he opened the bottle and gave it to him after he drank a glass of wine.

Someone had drugged the wine to plot against Holden and Shiloh.

Who gave her the drug?

If Marco didn’t, that’s Erika.

Why did Erika drug Marco?

Marco remembered that he opened the bottle of wine and filled himself with a glass. After taking two sips, he felt urgent and went to the bathroom. When he came out of the bathroom, Erika was sitting at the bar in s-e-x-y pajamas.

Erika poured half of the glass of wine Marco had not finished into the empty glass, saying that she wanted to drink with him.

Marco was disgusted, but he still drank with Erika.

Then, that night, the couple fell in love as if they were newly married.

He struggled until late at night before falling asleep.

Marco knew in his heart that Erika’s intention in adding the drug to the wine was to rekindle the romance of their newlyweds with him, not to plot against Holden and Shiloh. It was because he unknowingly gave Holden the spiked wine that caused yesterday’s incident. Late things happened.

How dare Marco say that?

because he couldn’t escape the relationship.

The couple was tied to a boat.

“Shiloh, Mom is done with her anger. She will find out. If you do not leave now, they will continue to beat you. Look at you now. What do you look like now? I’m very distressed when I see you like this, but there’s nothing I can do to help you.

You also know what the situation is in our family. As an elder brother, my words are useless.”

Shiloh also knew that it was not advisable to stay for a long time, but she was afraid that it would be even more difficult to see Matriarch Farrell again after she left.

Everyone would stop her from seeing her.

“Shiloh, you leave first. When mom comes back, I will help you talk and explain.” Marco coaxed her.

Shiloh thought for a while and nodded. She raised her face with tears in her eyes, but her face was covered with scratches. Some scratches were oozing with blood, and they were red, swollen, and shocking.

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