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Married at First Sight Chapter 2744-Originally, Serenity was going to resume working hours today. Since Sonny took time off to play with his friends, it was rare for Jane and Ben to come over. Serenity also wanted to entertain Jane, so she changed to work tomorrow.

Jane’s family of five planned to take a private plane back to Annenburg in the evening.

Ben was also very busy managing FC & Co.

“I fell asleep very late. I’m still very sleepy now. I’m fine. Don’t worry. I will sleep for a while.”

Liberty was in low spirits and had a headache. She told Serenity that she was fine and that she didn’t have to worry. She was going to continue to catch up on her sleep.

Serenity said, “Sister, no matter what happens in the future, you must tell me as soon as possible, okay?”

Liberty said, “Seren, don’t worry about your work. Just take good care of your baby at home, work with peace of mind, and help me take care of Sonny. Don’t worry about me. Seren, what kind of storms have you not experienced? Don’t worry, just go about your business.”

After Serenity was silent, she said, “Sister, Sonny and I are waiting for your return at home.”

Liberty smiled and said, “Seren, I will try my best to complete what my aunt asked me to do as soon as possible and then go back to reunite with you. Don’t worry, I will definitely go back when my nephew comes out.”

If her only sister, Serenity, gave birth to a child, she would definitely rush back to watch over her.

She was Serenity’s natal family.

“The baby won’t be born until next year, and I haven’t even shown my pregnancy yet.”

Jasmine became pregnant.

Liberty smiled and said, “It will take two months to show that you are pregnant. Even if you go back to work, you should be careful. If there is nothing important, just raise the baby at home. Your company is a joint venture between three people. Also, Elisa can sit in charge, and you and Jasmine will take good care of the baby.”

Serenity said, “I have not yet reached the point where I have difficulty moving, so I always have to do something. Staying at home every day is boring, and boredom will make me upset. Being upset will affect my mood when raising a baby, which is not good for the child.”

Zachary knew her very well, so he didn’t ask her to raise the baby at home.

In the late stages of pregnancy, it was not too late to raise the baby at home.

How many people insist on working until they are eight months pregnant after getting pregnant?

Liberty said, “Okay, okay, I can’t talk about you; just be happy. In short, pay attention to your health; don’t be tired; if you are tired, if Zachary doesn’t talk about you, I will talk about you. I’m already tired, and you still want to talk about me.”

“It should be said that we were different back then. Sister, you had the conditions to raise your baby peacefully at home, but you still had to go out and do the hard work. You were tired, so you shouldn’t have said it.”

Serenity muttered softly, but Liberty didn’t hear clearly what Serenity muttered.

Liberty asked, “Where’s Sonny?”

Serenity: “He was playing with Titus outside. The two little guys got together and played like crazy. As soon as they got into bed at night, they fell asleep like pigs. I didn’t need to yell in the morning, so he got up early.”

Liberty was helpless: “That kid is like this. He doesn’t have to go to kindergarten. He has to get up early. If he wants to go to kindergarten, he has to stay in bed every day. It takes a while to wake him up.”

“When I’m away from home, Seren, you should watch over Sonny and refrain from spoiling him. There are too many people pampering him. If no one strictly disciplines him, he will be spoiled.”

Serenity said, “Sister, don’t worry; I also want Sonny to be good and won’t let him be spoiled. Should you ask Sonny to answer the phone?”

Liberty thought for a while and said, “Let him play. It will be the weekend again in a few days. Duncan may come over. If he comes over, let him take Sonny with him, and he will spend the weekend with the child.”

Serenity: “Brother Duncan is going to Jensburg?”

Liberty said, “He said he misses me and wants to come over and see me. I can’t stop him, even if I’m not in Wiltspoon. Let him do whatever he wants.”

Serenity laughed. “Brother Duncan is in Wiltspoon, but his heart is in Jensburg. Sister, Brother Duncan really has nothing to say to you. Don’t let him wait too long. I think if you and Duncan are together, you will definitely be happy for the rest of your lives.”

Duncan was several times better than Hank.

Liberty said, “Now it’s not me who makes him wait; it’s him who makes me wait for him.”

Liberty admitted that she had feelings for Duncan.

They had been together for so long that, no matter how cold-blooded they were, they had developed feelings.

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