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Married At First Sight Chapter 2745-Besides, Duncan was really kind to Liberty and Sonny, and he treated Sonny as his own.

When Liberty rejected Duncan and said she didn’t want to remarry, she was just worried that she would get into trouble again if she remarried, and she was also worried that Sonny would be bullied.

But Duncan helped her clear all the obstacles. The Lewis family accepted her and looked forward to her marrying Duncan. There was no need to worry about Sonny being bullied. Duncan loved Sonny more than Hank.

If she wanted to marry again, Duncan was the best candidate.

Serenity said, “Brother Duncan is also afraid of hurting you. He wants to give you happiness, not drag you down. You’re waiting for him. I believe brother Duncan will be able to stand up soon.”

Liberty said, “I know, so I wait for him; no matter how many years, I wait. While waiting, I work hard to develop my career.”

However, Liberty could only rely on the investment from the three wealthy families in Wiltspoon to provide her with sponsorship and support.

But she was not without her benefits.

Not to mention the benefits, just the experience accumulated from it couldn’t be exchanged for money.

Serenity said, “Sister, come on! You’re the best, and I have always been proud of you.”

Liberty smiled. “Seren, I’ll do your best.”

Serenity said, “Sister, let’s stop talking. You hurry up and catch up on your sleep. If anything happens in the future, you must tell me. If you don’t let me know, I will worry. If you let me know, we will help find a way to solve the problem, and everyone will feel better.”

Liberty said, “I know, I know.”

After the sisters ended the call, Liberty wanted to continue sleeping but couldn’t.

She got up.

After washing up, she changed her clothes and got ready to go out for something to eat.

After ordering this, there was no breakfast available in the buffet restaurant on the first floor of the hotel, so she could only go outside to solve the breakfast problem.

After returning to the hotel after breakfast, Liberty felt her head still hurt, so she took out a small pack of pain reliever medicine from her suitcase. In the past, when she had a headache, she would just eat a pack of pain reliever medicine. The people at the pharmacy told her that this medicine had side effects, but she was used to it.

It’s not something she takes regularly. No matter how severe the side effects were, if she only took a small packet for a few months, it wouldn’t have any impact.

“Ring ring ring…”

The phone rang again.

She checked the caller’s ID and answered the call as she sat down in a chair.

“Liberty.” Duncan’s gentle voice came over.

“Um.” She responded warmly.

After hearing her voice, Duncan felt relieved.

He just received a call from his bodyguard and found out what Liberty went through last night.

Even if the bodyguard said that Liberty was fine and the dead person was a bodyguard of the Farrell family, Duncan would still be scared.

He had already made arrangements. He would fly to Jensburg today. He would go to Liberty’s side to see her and make sure that she was really intact, so that he could truly rest assured.

He wouldn’t stay in Jensburg for too long; he just looked at her.

After all, he has limited mobility now. If he stayed for a long time, not only would he be unable to help her, but he would actually be a drag on her.

The last thing Duncan wanted was to drag down the one he loved.

“Duncan, I’m fine.”

Liberty knew why Duncan called.

In addition to Duncan, she guessed Audrey was also going to call.

The six bodyguards accompanying her were from the York family, the Stone family, and the Lewis family. Her every move in Jensburg was known to those three families.

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