Married At First Sight Chapter 2746 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2746-The mission of the bodyguards was to protect Liberty, not to monitor her, but if their real boss wanted to ask questions, they would not hide it.

Unless she was in danger and something happened, the bodyguards would take the initiative to tell the real boss.

Duncan: “As long as it’s okay, it’s okay. I was so frightened when I heard it. It scared me to death. Liberty, I’ll go to Jensburg in a moment. I’ll be there before two o’clock in the afternoon.”

Liberty: “Mr. Lewis, I’m fine; you don’t need to make this trip.”

It was too inconvenient for him to go out.

Duncan: “I want to see you with my own eyes; make sure you are intact; and make sure there is nothing wrong with you; then I can feel completely at ease.”

Liberty: “I’m really fine. You can ask them. We’re all fine. It’s inconvenient for you to go out, so don’t run so far.”

Duncan insisted: “But I miss you too. I really want to take a good look at you.”

Liberty could not refute.

“Then you have to be careful. If you feel uncomfortable, don’t insist. Mr. Lewis, we all need to take care of ourselves, you know.”

Duncan said gently, “I’m not a three-year-old child. If I feel uncomfortable, I won’t go out. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. See you in the afternoon.”

“Okay, see you in the afternoon.” Liberty hung up the phone on her own initiative.

Thinking about it, Liberty felt that it was a kind of happiness to be taken into consideration.

Duncan gave her something that her ex-husband had never given her.

Perhaps Duncan’s true love for her was true. Her ex-husband once had true love for her, but later it was mixed with too many impurities, and eventually they separated.

Liberty stayed at the Fortress Hotel, which was one of the York family’s properties in Jensburg and which Kevin was responsible for.

It was easy for her to see Kevin.

After eating a small packet of medicine, her headache symptoms disappeared. She picked up her mobile phone, got up, and walked out of the room she lived in. She took the elevator to the top floor of the hotel and came to the door of Kevin’s office. She raised her hand and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” Kevin’s voice came from inside.

Liberty pushed open the door and entered.

Seeing that it was Liberty, Kevin put down his pen, stood up, walked around the desk, walked towards her, and said as he walked, “Sister Liberty, you’re up. Did you sleep well last night?”

Liberty was a white-collar woman in the workplace before her marriage and was considered a capable person, but the struggles in the workplace were nothing compared to life and death matters.

Kevin was worried that Liberty would be frightened and leave a psychological shadow.

He invited Liberty to sit down on the sofa, then went to pour Liberty a glass of warm water, and then went to get some food.

“Kevin, there’s no need to take it. I just finished breakfast, and I’m full.”

Kevin still brought her some fresh fruit. He asked, “Sister Liberty, did you just finish your breakfast?”

He looked at the time and saw it was past ten in the morning.

Liberty said, “I have to say that what happened last night gave me a great shock and affected my sleep. It was almost dawn before I fell asleep. Your sister-in-law called and woke me up. It was already past breakfast when I came downstairs. At that time, I went out to eat.

I was really frightened by what happened last night. It lasted just one night. It’s okay now. I’m afraid what I will experience in the future will be even more cruel. This world was originally a world of the weak and the strong.”

Liberty picked up the cup of warm water, took two sips, and asked Kevin, “Have you ever asked about what happened to the Farrell family after we left? What happened to Shiloh and Holden? What happened next?”

Kevin said, “I have asked people to inquire about it a long time ago, and Jim also went to inquire about it.”

Jim was the most powerful bodyguard who followed Zachary. Zachary arranged for him to follow Liberty to Jensburg. Liberty felt at ease when he was doing things.

Zachary understood the character of Liberty, so he specially arranged for Jim to follow Liberty and fly to Jensburg.

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