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Married At First Sight Chapter 2747-Kevin said, “Mrs. Farrell was naturally furious. Shiloh was kicked out of the Farrell family that night. In the middle of the night, an ambulance took Holden to the hospital. Mrs. Farrell did not allow anyone to follow Holden to the hospital, nor did she allow anyone to follow her to the hospital. Anyone asking about Holden’s injury.”

At this point, Kevin stopped talking.

Liberty picked up the unfinished warm water and took two more sips. After putting down the cup, she looked at Kevin quietly, waiting for him to continue talking.

Kevin said, “I sent someone to the hospital to inquire.”

Liberty asked, “How was Holden injured? Was it Mrs. Farrell who injured him?”

Kevin replied, “It was Holden who committed suicide with a knife. I think it was Matriarch Farrell who was forcing Holden. Otherwise, Holden would not do this.”

Matriarch Farrell probably gave Holden two ways to go. The Janzen family behind Holden still depended on the Farrell family for survival. Holden would not choose divorce, but if he didn’t divorce, he couldn’t let Matriarch Farrell rest assured, so he could only kill himself with a knife. Only in this way can Matriarch Farrell feel at ease.

Liberty blinked and was a little dazed. She didn’t expect this result.

Kevin didn’t say much more about Holden’s injury but just said, “Holden is not dead.

It’s hard to find out about Holden’s injury. Matriarch Farrell covered it up and prevented it from spreading. This kind of thing is still very embarrassing for a man, especially Holden, who is the son-in-law of the Farrell family, so he has no dignity.”

Liberty said calmly, “Isn’t the experience of the son-in-law the same as the experience of thousands of women who marry into their husband’s family? It’s just that the roles and genders have been swapped.”

Kevin choked and was speechless.

After a pause, Kevin said, “Sister Liberty, my brother Duncan will be a good destination. Let the past be the past. We have to look forward and hope to get better and better in the future.”

He knew that Liberty’s first marriage had caused her great harm.

Sometimes when he heard Liberty speak, she was full of vicissitudes of life, which made people feel distressed. She was still in her early thirties.

In an era where many people choose to marry later in life, some people, like Liberty, are still unmarried.

Liberty has experienced too much.

Mentioning the man who would also get into trouble, Liberty smiled and said, “Your brother Duncan is probably on his way to Jensburg. He said he could arrive before two o’clock in the afternoon and come by private plane. I told him not to come here; he has difficulty moving now, but he insists on coming here and says he will go back after he comes and has a look.”

Duncan said that he could not rest assured until he saw Liberty intact.

Kevin said with a smile, “Brother Duncan knows what happened last night. Are you worried? Not to mention that he can stand up and take two steps now. Even if he can only crawl, after knowing what happened last night, he will crawl over to see you.

Brother Duncan and my eldest brother are close friends. We have known each other for many years. Sister Liberty, I know you and Brother Duncan well. Brother Duncan is sincere with you. If you think it is good, give him one hope.”

Liberty said, “It feels like you are all on his side. I thought about it. You can’t overturn a boat full of people just because of a bamboo pole. Mr. Lewis is very good. I also have feelings for him. When I get along with him, I’m not just a woman. Is it a girlfriend relationship? Haven’t you already regarded me and him as a couple? “

It was Duncan who refused to give her the right words because he was not yet able to walk like a normal person and he was afraid of dragging her down.

Kevin said quickly, “Sister Liberty, I am definitely on your side. If Brother Duncan dares to bully you in the future, we will never forgive him. Sister Liberty, all nine of our brothers are your natal family. I am definitely on your side.

Liberty said, “Mr. Lewis will not give you a chance to settle accounts with him.”

She still trusted Duncan and believed that if she married him in the future, they could live a loving life together.

He was not Hank; he didn’t know how to do one thing before marriage and another after marriage.

Hank told her heartfelt words when they divorced. He once had love for her, but later he wanted to suppress her excellence, so he used marriage to restrain her.

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