Married At First Sight Chapter 2748 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2748-The Brown family was a drama queen who knew how to act, but she was deceived. Her marriage in those years made her completely out of touch with society, ruined her figure, lost her job, and had no source of income, just because she believed Hank’s words, “I raise you.”

Fortunately, that was all over.

She had set sail again.

Liberty said, “Kevin, I won’t disturb you anymore. I have to go out and do some work. The establishment of the company has not been completed yet.”

There must be a company settled in Jensburg before she could discuss cooperation with other companies.

“Brother Duncan is on his way here, Sister Liberty; won’t you wait for him?” Kevin joked.

Liberty smiled and said, “He may have just arrived when I get back from doing things. If he arrives first, help me receive him first. You are more familiar with him.”

Kevin said, “I’m going to the Queen Enterprise in a while.”

Liberty: “Okay, I’ll be back as soon as possible. It’s more important for you to pursue your wife. Callum and Camryn have received their marriage certificates. When you go back for the New Year, Camryn may be pregnant. Now you have to work hard.”

Kevin’s handsome face fell. “Sister Liberty, I’ve been working hard. Hayden is much harder to catch up with than my second sister-in-law, Camryn.”

Camryn looked gentle and weak on the surface, like a little white flower.

If he hadn’t known that the Newman family was already firmly under the control of Camryn, Kevin wouldn’t have believed that Camryn was also a scheming and capable person.

“A martyr girl is afraid of stalking a man.”

Liberty said, stood up, said goodbye, and left without disturbing Kevin’s work.

After coming out of Kevin’s office, Liberty received another call from Audrey.

Audrey and Liberty chatted on the phone for a long time.

Half an hour after Liberty left, Kevin called it a day, left the hotel, and headed to Queen Enterprise.

He also wanted to talk to Hayden about the follow-up of the Farrell family.

even though Hayden might know it earlier than him.

This time, Kevin didn’t buy flowers or send jewelry. Although Hayden was a woman, she had been dressing up as a man since she was a child and had a masculine personality. She didn’t like things that girls like.

Kevin bought her a watch and took it with him.

People in the Queen Enterprise were accustomed to Kevin’s visits.

Just made a routine announcement to the top.

Kevin could come and go freely in the Queen Enterprise. This was what Donald ordered, and even Hayden couldn’t stop him.

Queen’s employees all felt that Kevin was a scheming man who knew how to start with Donald, the chairman, and coaxed him into a happy mood. Even he and Hayden were always gay and could accept it.

It is said that Kevin often went fishing and played chess with Donald. Anyway, whatever Donald liked, Kevin would do it.

He must be great, too.

In the past, among the ladies from well-known families who pursued Hayden, which one did not start with Donald and his wife?

None of them had the same effect as Kevin.

The most valuable daughter in Jensburg could only receive average treatment from Donald and his wife.


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