Married At First Sight Chapter 2750 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2750-Kevin replied, “She’s good. She has gone to do some work. Don’t underestimate her. She is a person who has experienced great storms. She was fifteen years old, and her parents were dead at the time. She had faced relatives who ate people without spitting out their bones. She lived with her ten-year-old sister and taught her well.

People who have endured hardship in life have a particularly strong will.”

Kevin finally understood why Audrey chose Liberty and asked Liberty to come to Jensburg to compete with Kathryn.

Hayden said, “I was relieved that she wasn’t scared.”

Kevin smiled. “Can you get off work? Oh, by the way, I’ve prepared a gift for you.”

He took out a small box from the hidden pocket of his suit and handed it to Hayden.

Hayden took it and didn’t open the box to look at it. Instead, she got up and walked away, walked to her desk, opened the drawer, and put the box in the drawer.

Kevin said, “Don’t you want to take a look?”

Hayden said, “There is no need to look at it; the things you gave are all the best. When I have free time, I will look at them and slowly feel your love for me.”

Kevin looked at her and felt that she seemed a little softer today, and he clearly responded to her feelings.

Another step forward.

Kevin felt happy.


In a certain high-end ward, Matriarch Farrell stood in front of the window, looking at the high-rise buildings outside the window.

The person lying on the hospital bed was Holden.

Holden’s face was still pale, and his expression was in pain.

He kept his eyes closed most of the time. Occasionally, he opened his eyes and saw his old wife standing in front of the window, and he quickly closed his eyes again.

No one came to visit him.

Matriarch Farrell also blocked the news about his suicide in the palace, so as to save some face for him and prevent him from losing his only dignity in front of his children.

After a long time, Matriarch Farrell turned around, walked to the hospital bed, sat down, looked at Holden, who was pretending to sleep, and said coldly, “I know you are not asleep.”

It hurt so much that he couldn’t sleep.

The painkillers had worn off.

Matriarch Farrell didn’t ask the doctor to give him any more painkillers and just let him suffer physical pain. This was the punishment that the old sc*mbag deserved.

As romantic and happy as they were when he cheated, he feels so painful now.

Holden opened his eyes, looked at Matriarch Farrell, and smiled bitterly: “I have done as you asked; can you calm down?”

Matriarch Farrell looked at him for a long time and said, “Didn’t I drive you out of the Farrell family? Calm down? You and Shiloh did something like that. I was not angry to death by you two on the spot. It was only one night. You want me to calm down all morning?”

Holden asked, “What else do you want?”

Matriarch Farrell reached out and touched Holden’s face. “Your face is really well-kept. It looks like someone in their forties or fifties. No wonder you can still attract young women when you walk outside.”

As soon as the voice fell, Matriarch Farrell twisted Holden’s old face fiercely. It hurt Holden so much that he didn’t dare resist and let her twist him.

After Matriarch Farrell gave him a hard squeeze, she let go and said, “You are right; you are full of resentment towards me. It’s not like I didn’t give you a choice to survive. You can choose a way that doesn’t have to be so painful. It’s you who chose this painful path, but you can’t blame me.”

Holden was filled with hatred but did not dare to show it on his face. He said, “I don’t blame you. I’m in too much pain now. Can you ask the doctor to give me some more painkillers?”

Matriarch Farrell said, “As long as you don’t get infected, it hurts. After a while, the wound will heal, and it won’t hurt anymore.”

She refused to give Holden any more painkillers, just wanting to see him in pain.

Anyone who betrayed Matriarch Farrell would die a good death!

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