Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1118 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1118

Of course, Zachary would not go crazy for Serenity if he could easily have her swoon over him.

Zachary was brought back to what Mrs. Lane said to him.

He loved the person Serenity was now. Serenity would not be the same person he fell in love with if she changed.

Such was her personality.

“I don’t have a love rival. I’ll be jealous if I have a strong love rival who’s eyeing you. I would worry that someone will steal you away from me. I’m not that great after all.”

Serenity spoke matter-of-factly-she had no rivals in love.

Sure, there were many women who coveted him. However, these women could not even take the first step to confess their feelings to Zachary. It was not like Serenity ever met these women either. There had never been catfights. Her love life had been smooth sailing as she monopolized all of Zachary’s affection.

He gave her all of his love and affection.

With that in mind, Serenity believed she was a lucky woman.

She got someone who loved her!

Serenity was so fortunate she could be laughing in her sleep being showered with the love of a brilliant man.

Zachary dotingly held her and poked fun, “Will you be nervous if I get someone to fight you over me?”

“Don’t you dare. If someone was to come to me and say, ‘Serenity, Zachary’s mine. How much will it take for you to leave him?’ then I’ll name a price and sell you out. I can live a nice life with the money. Hahaha!”

The chauffeur and Jim were speechless.

It was a dangerous topic to tread on.

The chauffeur was tempted to stop the car and take cover, but ultimately, he did not have the guts to do so.

Jim wished he was invisible. Alas, that was not an option.

Just when the duo thought their boss would hit the roof, Zachary merely scowled as he would not take his anger out on his wife. In the end, he clutched his grip behind her head and ravished her lips.

“No one has ever tried to sell me out. Serenity, don’t you dare do that to me.”

Serenity grinned. “I was only kidding. It takes two to tango. Your admirers won’t be able to come close to you unless you let them. Likewise, you’ll be all over these women if you’re a playboy.

“But I trust you. You’re a straight guy who can’t talk to women. Besides, you didn’t fall head over heels for Elisa. You probably think it’s a waste of your time to look at other heiresses.”

To Serenity, Elisa was a great girl.

She believed that Elisa and Zachary were perfect for each other if she was not in the picture.

Pinching her cheek, Zachary said tenderly, “My heart can only hold so much. I already have you. I need to fatten you up, so you’ll be stuck in my heart and can’t get out. If you can’t get out, others can’t come in. You can only be my wife in this lifetime.” Well, Zachary hoped they could find each other in the next life too.

Serenity earnestly said, “My heart is not that big to accept another person. You’re a big boy. You’re blocking anyone else from entering.”

Zachary laughed.

She might not love him as he did her but her love was pure like no other.

Serenity turned down Shawn’s love. She often brought Shawn up when she had no idea of his feelings as she had only ever seen Shawn as a brother.

She stopped talking about Shawn the moment she found out about his feelings and Shawn was now history to the couple.


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