Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1119 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1119

“Where are we going?”

The couple indulged in a little romance until Serenity realized that they were not en route to Brynfield.

“To the villa on the hilltop.”

“Oh,” Serenity remarked.

Zachary stared at her with a worried look, afraid she might be displeased or not like it.

The villa on the hilltop did not leave Serenity the best of memories.

Zachary held Serenity captive in the estate for two days after the revelation of his identity. He was afraid to lose her, but it took everybody to talk sense into him before he could let go and allow her to leave.

Since the day she set foot out of the villa, Serenity had never returned to the place.

“Seren, we don’t have to go if you don’t like it there. I’ll get the driver to switch course for Brynfield.”

After a pause, he mumbled under his breath, “Nana is still staying in Brynfield.”

Serenity replied, “We can go to the villa on the hilltop. No need to switch routes.”

The guy must think that he might startle Grandma May in Brynfield when letting loose in the bedroom.

Serenity did not want to disturb the old lady either.

While the incident at the estate did not leave a lasting trauma on Serenity, she would be brought back to the time upon entering the place.

It was a good thing that all that was in the past.

She had to face her fears.

Serenity could understand his madness and paranoia from back then since the incident was behind them now.


Seeing that she did not object to returning to the villa, Zachary let out a sigh of relief.

He was more comfortable living on the estate as that was his living quarters for a few years. Zachary had only taken residence in Brynfield for several months.

“Did Mrs. Newman look for you?” Zachary suddenly asked.

Mr. Newman rushed back to Wiltspoon when he got word that Carrie was detained. He nearly passed out in anger when he learned the whole thing from his wife. His daughter let the situation get the best of her.

He could not believe his daughter would come up with such a thing.

It had to be a foolproof plan if Carrie wanted to go up against Serenity. At least, Carrie must make sure the evidence would not be traced back to her before making her move.

The stunt Carrie pulled was flawed, to say the least. She even made personal contact with the thugs.

Mrs. Newman knew that her daughter acted recklessly. However, she only found out after the deed was done. It was too late to stop Carrie.

It never crossed Mrs. Newman’s mind that Serenity could fight. These thugs did not even leave a scratch on her.

Besides, Zachary had hired bodyguards to protect Serenity in the shadows.

Had Mrs. Newman known that her daughter would act on impulse, she would have stopped her.

It was what it was. Plus, Serenity had proof. Despite Mrs. Newman’s heartache and desperation to save her daughter, she could do nothing.


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