Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1121 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1121

Zachary gave it a thought before saying, “It sounds like a good plan. The DNA test is the most direct approach and compelling evidence.

“I’ll send someone to bring him here. You can get a DNA test with him. You can slam the evidence in their face during the trial unless Noah isn’t their grandson.”

Serenity said, “Um… What if Noah isn’t their grandson…”

Zachary was speechless.

The couple’s minds went blank.

In the end, Zachary said, “Just get a DNA test with your grandfather. The old man is not going to cooperate for sure. Here’s where Noah can come into place. He can get a few strands of hair from your grandfather. The hair follicles have to be intact to do the DNA test.”

The DNA test did not always have to be done with blood.

Noah was the youngest grandson in the Hunt family. Serenity had roughened the boy up a couple of times to the point Noah revered Serenity now. It was a great opportunity to use him.

Believing that Zachary’s plan was doable, Serenity remarked, “We’ll do it your way. We can get Noah to pluck a few of my granddad’s hair and I’ll use it for the DNA test. We’ll know whether my dad is their child once the result is out.”

With the couple engaging in chatter, the journey home felt short.

They soon arrived at the hilltop villa at Regent Residences.

Mrs. Lane came out to open the gate.

The sight of Mrs. Lane reminded Serenity that it was time to up Mrs. Lane’s salary. She brought it up to Zachary, and-Zachary replied, “You’re the boss in the house. Whatever you say goes. You can increase Mrs. Lane’s wages without my permission.”

“She helped my sister a lot, and that’s not the nature of her job. I don’t feel comfortable not giving her extra for the ad hoc tasks. We run the household together. Even if you don’t make the decision, I should let you know about it. The last thing I want is you having no idea what’s going on in the house.”

“Alright. Increase her wages.”

Jim turned over to look.

Zachary faintly remarked, “Your salary has been adjusted multiple times.”

Greed was not a good color for Jim.

Jim chuckled. He and Mrs. Lane were the first two people to keep faith with the missus. As a result, they had multiple pay rises and higher bonuses.

Serenity said to Jim, “Jim of all trades.”

Jim was dumbstruck at first but quickly broke into a smile. “Thank you for the compliment and affirmation, Missus.”

Serenity burst into laughter.

The bodyguard got out of the car to open the car door for the couple. Zachary was first to get off, and he extended his hand to help Serenity out of the vehicle.

Dressed in an evening gown and killer stilettos, Serenity was careful in getting out. She did not want to end up with a twisted ankle. Besides, she was still holding the bouquet that Zachary gave her.

“Sir, Missus.”

Sam somehow emerged out of nowhere.

Together with Mrs. Lane, he respectfully greeted the party.

“Sam, Mrs. Lane.”

Serenity responded with a smile while Zachary said a quick hello and led Serenity into the house.

Sam wanted to follow them when Mrs. Lane held him back. She murmured in a low voice,” Are you sure you want to be the third wheel?”


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