Married at First Sight Chapter 2114 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2114 by desirenovelLiberty drove straight to the main courtyard of the center.

Not long after, when she arrived at the main house of the center, she saw Tania coming out of the house as soon as she parked the car.

Tania walked down the steps, walked to the car, and asked Liberty: “Has Sonny come?”

Liberty said with a smile: “Auntie, you keep calling to remind me, how dare I not bring Sonny over, behind the scenes Well, but he fell asleep.”

“It’s okay to fall asleep, it’s lunch break time, and I just woke up from lunch break.” Hearing that Sonny was behind, Tania just wanted to open the rear door of the car, but her son had already pushed it open. Opening the car door, seeing Zachary hugging Sonny and wanting to get out of the car, she quickly stretched out her hands and said, “Give Sonny to me to hold, be careful, don’t touch Sonny.”

Zachary whispered, “Mom, you’re not afraid to touch me.”

“It’s okay. Your skin is thick and fleshy; but if you touch him, you may break his skin at most.”

Tania gently embraced Sonny from his son’s arms.

After hugging Sonny, she walked into the house, leaving the three adults behind.

Serenity laughed and said: “Mom doesn’t even want us anymore.”

Liberty: “You have feet and can walk by yourself. This is your own home and you know each other very well. You want Mom to treat you as guests.”

Serenity smiled and turned to her sister, said: “Sister, you don’t know. When Zachary and I came back yesterday evening, my parents-in-law first went around our car, looking for Sonny’s figure. They got in the car and looked for it, but they couldn’t find Sonny. Ask the two of us, I said that Sonny didn’t follow, my in-laws looked at us as if they were saying, without Sonny, what are you two doing when you come back?”

Liberty also laughed, “Sonny is very happy, so many people love him.”

But wherever he wenr, Sonny was very popular.

The two sisters went into the house together, and Liberty reminded her brother-in-law that there were some gifts in her car and asked him to help bring them into the house.

Zachary had already seen it.

Serenity: “Sister, you came here as soon as you came, and you bought so many things. My mother-in-law will have to say later that there is nothing missing at home.”

Liberty said, “It’s just some nutritional supplements. Every time I come, your in-laws, Uncles and aunts, they all stuffed my car with all kinds of expensive supplements, wishing I could drive a truck to pull them over, so I bought a few boxes of supplements, not many.”

In addition to preparing for her sister’s in-laws, and also prepared a copy for Zachary’s uncles and aunts.

They were also wonderful to her.

When the two sisters had stayed alone, they did not receive help and care from their relatives, and what they had tasted was the warmth and coldness of human relationships. They thought that relatives and friends were as cold and heartless as their Hunt family.

After Serenity married into the York family, the York family elders loved Serenity, cared deeply for Liberty, and treated Liberty with great respect. Then, Liberty realized that not all relatives and friends were ruthless.

The people of York family were very good.

The three entered the room and saw that Sonny was already sitting on the sofa.

The little guy woke up as soon as he entered the room, and when he woke up, he saw that it was not his uncle holding him, but Tania, and he softly called Grandma again.

The moment Tania heard the little boy call her grandma, her heart melted into a puddle of spring water. After letting go of Sonny, she personally went to bring him food and drink, as well as a large number of new toys. As usual, she was out shopping with her husband when she spotted some intriguing toys and purchased them.

There were no such young children in Wildridge Manor now, and the toys Tania bought were all for Sonny.

Liam also came down from upstairs, and then he and his wife circled around the little guy.

Serenity said to her sister: “Sonny is the little emperor when he comes or goes to the aunt’s house.”

Everyone circled around him.

Fortunately, when her sister disciplined the children, she was slack and righteous. Although Sonny was loved by thousands of people, she did not develop a willful and savage temperament. On the contrary, she became more and more sensible, which made people like him more and more.


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