Married at First Sight Chapter 2116 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2116 by desirenovelSerenity comforted: “Auntie, don’t say that, life cannot be smooth sailing, there will always be some setbacks. I told Zachary, let him help with the investigation, there are many people and strength, maybe we can find some evidence.”

“Yeah.” Mrs. Stone just said some frustrated words to her niece because she was in a moment of irritability.

Mrs. Stone: “Has your sister been to your house?”

Serenity: “Not long ago, my sister is here. Is there anything Auntie wants to say to my sister?”

Mrs. Stone said, “Give your phone to your sister, and I will tell her a few words.”

Serenity gave the phone to her sister.

Liberty: “Auntie.”

After Mrs. Stone responded, she said to Liberty: “Liberty, can you spare some time recently?”

“Yes, just tell me what Auntie wants me to do.”

“Then you can spare a week’s time. Time, go to Jensburg with auntie, let’s meet the current head of the Farrell family for a while.” Mrs. Stone didn’t take Serenity with her because she felt that Serenity was busier, and Liberty was much more relaxed than her younger sister.

In addition to what Elisa said, after Mrs. Stone thought it over, she felt that what her daughter said was very reasonable.

Once it was proved that the previous head of the Farrell family was killed by the second sister, and Mrs. Stone and her sisters were really the daughters of the previous head of the Farrell family, then she would take back the position of head of the Farrell family.

But she was getting old, she would not consider being the head of the family.

Mrs. Stone knew how much her daughter weighed.

Serenity was now the eldest mistress of the York family. She was pretty and slick, which was suitable, but she was also under a lot of pressure.

Or Liberty was more suitable.

Liberty was the eldest daughter of her younger sister. Mrs. Stone thought that if her parents were still alive, they would probably choose Liberty as the heir.

So Mrs. Stone wanted to take Liberty to Jensburg to meet the Farrell family.

“Okay.” Liberty learned about her late mother’s life experience from her younger sister. Although her mother had been dead for more than ten years, if she could find out, she and her younger sister would really like to help her mother find out about her life experience.

She did not refuse Mrs. Stone’s request.

Liberty: “Auntie, do I need to prepare anything?”

Mrs. Stone: “Just bring a few sets of clothes for a change of clothes, and you don’t need to bring anything else.”

Liberty smiled, “Okay, I see. Do you want to leave tomorrow?”

Mrs. Stone: “Leave on Monday, tomorrow is Sunday, Sonny is still at home, if you leave him to go out, he will cry.”

Sonny went to kindergarten, and Liberty went out, he didn’t watch his mother go out, so he didn’t feel so sad.

Liberty: “Okay.”

Mrs. Stone: “Bring Sonny over for dinner tomorrow night, and call Serenity and his wife.”

Liberty: “Okay.”

Liberty replied with a smile. The aunt loved Sonny the most, and always said that Sonny looked very much like her sister when she was young, and often let her Liberty took Sonny over to have dinner.

Liberty was also used to it now, unlike before, she always felt cautious when going to the business.

After finishing the call, Liberty said to his sister: “Auntie asked me to spare a week to accompany her to Jensburg, and meet the current head of the Farrell family.”

Serenity: “Why didn’t Auntie call me?”

“You Busier than me, Auntie probably took this into consideration.” Liberty couldn’t imagine that her aunt wanted to push her to be the head of the Farrell family.


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