Married at First Sight Chapter 2117 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2117 by desirenovelSerenity thought about it, and felt that her sister’s words made sense.

She was very busy now, busy with her own business, and helping Zachary take care of his private property, and then she had to take over some small things from her mother-in-law and learn to deal with them.

It took a lot of hard work to become a qualified housewife.

The main thing was that she grew up in an ordinary family. If the Hunt family and the York family belonged to the right family, she would not have to work so hard, and the pressure would not be too great.

Serenity also didn’t expect that her aunt planned to push her sister to be the head of the Farrell family.

The Wildridge Manor here was bustling. The Queen’s house far away in Jensburg couldn’t be said to be lively, but compared to the usual desertedness, today could be considered lively.

Both siblings, Hayden, came back for the weekend at the request of their parents and Hugh came back early, and went to Greenrest Hotel with Kevin to pick up Hayden.

At four in the afternoon, the sun wasn’t as strong as it was at noon; it was a bit softer. However, no one wanted to leave the air-conditioned room.

Hayden wanted to sleep through the afternoon.

Kevin didn’t let Hayden sleep for so long, but it was only three o’clock in the afternoon, and he started knocking on her door.

Hayden ignored him.

About 10 minutes later, he knocked on the door again.

Otherwise, just call her and insist on waking her up.

After tossing back and forth like this for an hour, Hayden’s sleepiness had completely disappeared, and she was full of anger.

She finished her lunch break, opened the door with a beautiful face, and saw Kevin standing at the door of her room, holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand. The bouquet of flowers was not bandaged, and he knew it was him at a glance Picked from her yard.

Seeing her open the door, Kevin grinned.

Hayden really wanted to kick him downstairs.

Kevin didn’t sleep and didn’t let her sleep.

Last night, they obviously went to bed very late, Hayden was terribly sleepy, but Kevin was still in good spirits.

“Kevin, do you know how to be polite? You are a guest at my house now. You are a guest and I am the host. When you are a guest, you knock on my door from time to time, affecting my lunch break. You don’t know that this is very inappropriate. Is it polite?” Hayden blamed this piece of brown sugar.

There was really nothing to do with him.

Hayden didn’t know how his parents raised him to have such a thick skin.

Kevin smiled and said: “I’m the guest, you are the host, the guests are all up, how dare you sleep late? You don’t have to entertain the guests. I’m a bit rude, and you’ re not much better, just as rude.”

Hayden was speechless.

The next moment, Kevin stuffed the bouquet of flowers into her arms.

She instinctively hugged the bouquet.

“There are too few flowers still blooming in your yard. I cut them all out, and just mad up this bunch of flowers.”

Hayden’s face darkened, “My mother planted those flowers, and you cut all her favorite flowers?”

Kevin: “Auntie’s favorite flower? Did she ask me to cut it? I said it was for you, so she asked me to cut it.”

Hayden was speechless.


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