Married at First Sight Chapter 2120 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2120 by desirenovel

Hayden was so outstanding and good-looking, Kevin would fall, and he would openly pursue Hayden regardless of the world’s vision. He was commendable for his courage, and it was also Hayden’s boundless charm.

Later, she learned that her aunt’s two daughters were in Wiltspoon, and the younger daughter’s second daughter was Serenity, the oldest mistress of the York family.

Kathryn understood.

She might look a lot like someone, judging from Kevin’s attitude towards her, Kathryn thought she was very similar to Serenity.

Because Serenity was Kevin’s oldest sister-in-law, they all said that the young masters of the York family especially respected their elder brother Zachary and his wife, so they would naturally respect Serenity as the elder sister-in-law.

Kathryn also really wanted to go to Wiltspoon, see Mrs. Stone, and Serenity sisters.

She and Mrs. Stone were cousins, and the Serenity sisters want to call her cousin.

However, it was not the time yet.

The head of the Farrell family was also well informed, knowing that someone in the family was going to Wiltspoon and wanted to see Mrs. Stone.

Her mother immediately arranged for people to rush to Wiltspoon to intercept them. Not only did they successfully prevent the clansmen from seeing Mrs. Stone, but they also brought them back to Jensburg.

At this sensitive time, it was naturally not easy for Kathryn to go to Wiltspoon.

The mother’s reaction made Kathryn even more suspicious. Back then, her mother’s position was obtained through improper means.

The death of her aunt’s family and her aunt’s, Kathryn thought it was her mother’s fault. But she had no proof.

She asked people to inquire in private, trying to collect evidence from the people in the clan, but she found nothing for the time being.

The younger generation didn’t know anything about it, and the older clan members kept silent. Even if they went to Wiltspoon to see Mrs. Stone, they still didn’t say a word about the death of her aunt’s family.

“Kathryn, don’t worry about him, we are free to come and go, you can come whenever you want.” Hayden gave Kathryn an answer.

She also glanced at her brother.

Hugh: …See what he’s doing?

Did his sister still want to match him and Kathryn?

Hugh thought Kathryn was pretty good and was best at pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, her appearance was soft and weak, timid and fearful, she didn’t seem to dare to straighten her back when she walked , but she was actually acting secretly.

He heard that she was often scolded by matriarch Farrell in the Farrell family group, scolding her for being rotten and unable to play, which made many people see her jokes, and also made the fake daughter Shiloh still hold on to hope, thinking that she still had a chance to be on the stage.

It made the young masters and mistresses of Farrell’s family ready to move.

Many people said that the power in Kathryn’s hands and the achievements she made were all achieved by snatching and occupying the fruits of her brothers’ hard work, and she made a false impression for everyone to see.

But no matter how harshly or harshly matriarch Farrell scolded her, there were not many powers and tasks that should be given to her.

Matriarch Farrell went to discuss business, and the person she brought was also Kathryn.

Not only that, the old courtiers of the Farrell Group had often been scolded and made things difficult by matriarch Farrell recently, and Kathryn always spoke for those old courtiers.

In the eyes of others, it was Kathryn who didn’t know the heights of the sky and the earth, and acted as a good person.

In Hugh’s view, it was matriarch Farrell who was helping Kathryn win people’s hearts and accumulate contacts.

Matriarch Farrell was able to cruelly kill the elder sister’s family and the younger sister. After taking the position of the head of the family, the Farrell family was managed under her leadership.The ranking had also advanced by two places.

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