Married At First Sight Chapter 2751 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2751-Holden looked at Matriarch Farrell in pain and despair for a moment, then closed his eyes.

He was in so much pain.

He didn’t look at Matriarch Farrell, and she wasn’t angry.

Matriarch Farrell got up, walked to the window again, and looked out the window.

Her thoughts had long gone without knowing where they were going.

If that man was willing to be with Matriarch Farrell, willing to help her, and willing to marry her, her life would definitely be happy. Unfortunately, that man would always be loyal to his eldest sister.

Even if her sister gets married, has a daughter, and passes away, that person will not be with her but will disappear.

Decades have passed, and Matriarch Farrell was seventy years old. That person might have passed away long ago. What was she still worried about?

“Ring ring ring…”

Matriarch Farrell’s cell phone rang.

She took out her mobile phone and saw that it was Kathryn calling.

After a moment of silence, Matriarch Farrell answered Kathryn’s call.


Kathryn called her mother on the phone and said, “Mom, are you okay?”

She did not directly ask how Holden’s injury was, but first asked about Matriarch Farrell’s condition.

Matriarch Farrell said calmly, “The worst is nothing but this. What else is good for me? You have grown up, and I have become a grandma. I can see whether your dad has other women.”

From now on, Holden would never meet a woman again.

What else was she worried about?

Kathryn said, “Mom, you haven’t eaten anything today. Can I send you some food?”


Matriarch Farrell refused at first, but after thinking about it, she changed her mind and said, “You can bring some food to me. It doesn’t have to be too rich. I’m not in the mood to eat now. Give me some white porridge to go with it. Just pickles.”

Kathryn said, “Mom, you’re very tired from taking care of my dad in the hospital. How can you eat so light? You get hungry easily. When you’re hungry, you easily lose your energy.”

After being silent for a long time, Matriarch Farrell said: “The morning your aunt left, she had such a breakfast. She ate too many delicacies. She occasionally ate white porridge with pickles, saying it was very delicious.”

“Okay, I’ll send it to you.”

Kathryn said nothing more.

He quickly hung up the phone.

She didn’t keep Matriarch Farrell waiting for long, and she rushed to the hospital half an hour later.

After knocking on the door of the ward, she entered the ward and saw Holden on the hospital bed, with a pale face and a painful expression. She moved her lips, but in the end, she didn’t ask anything.

Holden opened his eyes and looked at Kathryn.

His eyes were full of expectation and begging, hoping that Kathryn could speak for him and let Matriarch Farrell ask the doctor to give him some more painkillers. It was too painful.

Although he was a son-in-law, he did not have much money, and his daily pocket money did not exceed $500, but his material life was extremely luxurious. In the Farrell family, he could tell the butler what he wanted and what he wanted to eat. After the butler asked Matriarch Farrell for instructions, he would satisfy him.

Except for not having much pocket money, he really didn’t lack anything.

After decades of pampering, has he ever suffered this kind of pain?

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