Married At First Sight Chapter 2752 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2752-After Matriarch Farrell glanced at Holden, she said to Kathryn, “Go and sit in the living room. Your dad needs to be quiet now. Let him have a good rest. He can’t eat anything for the time being, and he can’t eat. He won’t feel it even if he loses an IV drip.”

Kathryn did not look at Holden anymore, and she followed her mother to the small living room outside. She put the insulated lunch box on the coffee table, opened the lid of the lunch box for her mother, and said to her mother, ” I also brought two steamed buns for you, mom.”

Matriarch Farrell sat down and looked at the white porridge, pickles, and steamed buns brought by Kathryn. After a long time, she said, “You are the only one who really prepares white porridge, pickles, and steamed buns for me.”

The three sons and Shiloh would not prepare it according to her request because they felt that the plain porridge and pickles were not worthy of her appetite.

“Mom, eat it while it’s hot.”

Kathryn grew up in her adoptive mother’s home. When she was abused, she was not even given a bowl of plain porridge.

When she was a child, a bowl of plain porridge was a luxury for her.

Life was hard. When she grew up, she relied on her own ability to make money, but she would not spend it arbitrarily. She still lived a low-key life and would not spend money arbitrarily.

That’s a character created by the environment, and it wouldn’t change just because her wallet increased.

Matriarch Farrell ate the porridge in silence, but what she recalled in her mind was the scene when she had breakfast with her sister and her family that morning decades ago.

She tried her best to kill her older sister and younger sister, and she became the head of the family, but she was not happy at all.

“Mom, my dad…” Kathryn asked softly.

It didn’t look like Holden had been beaten. Could it be that Matriarch Farrell had stabbed him?

After Holden was sent to the hospital last night, Matriarch Farrell didn’t allow anyone to ask about Holden’s injury. She really didn’t ask. Anyway, Matriarch Farrell wouldn’t let Holden die.

With Matriarch Farrell’s method, she would naturally torture Holden slowly and not let him die all at once. That would be too easy for her.

“Can’t die.”

Matriarch Farrell said calmly, “He just became an eunuch. As long as he is not infected and can be discharged from the hospital after recovering from his injuries, it will not have much impact on his daily life. When he sees beautiful women in the future, he can only look at them. “

Kathryn was speechless.

She looked at Matriarch Farrell.

Matriarch Farrell said, “Among my four children, you are the only one who has my surname. You should have the deepest relationship with me. In the future, when you have a husband, you must keep a close eye on him. Anyone who is willing to join our Farrell family as a son-in-law is for our Farrell family. It comes from the family property, but the son-in-law who comes here is not eligible to share the Farrell family property.”

“They will be asked to sign a prenuptial agreement before they come to the door to ensure that our Farrell family’s property will not be divided by the scmbag. If the scmbag is too smart and can find a loophole to get the family property, then let him disappear. In short, you have to remember that our Farrell family’s property must not be distributed to them.”

Kathryn said, “Mom, I know.”

“As a family, we only have the right to use the family property and not the right to inherit it. The property we have accumulated is our own.”

Kathryn also knew this, and she understood it clearly after she came back.

Matriarch Farrell said, “When I die in the future, you just need to inherit according to my will. As long as you don’t fall in love and don’t give the property you inherited to your man, my granddaughter can fully inherit everything I left for you.”

Kathryn: “Mom, why are you talking about this? Mom, you’re still young.”

Matriarch Farrell sighed, “I just feel that my energy is getting less and less day by day, and I’m seventy years old, and seventy years are rare in life. In ancient times, I was very old at this age. Who knows what day I will be? They will be so angry that they stretch out their legs and go to the Western Paradise.”

“When your dad is discharged from the hospital, I will arrange everything properly, but you must not be in love.”

Kathryn said, “Mom, if I have an illegitimate daughter, will my daughter be recognized?”

After Matriarch Farrell was stunned, she quickly asked her, “Did you have an illegitimate daughter outside? When did it happen?”

It had only been two years since Kathryn returned to the Farrell family. Matriarch Farrell couldn’t remember when Kathryn fell in love or when she got pregnant and gave birth to a girl.

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