Married At First Sight Chapter 2754 By Thomasnovel

Married at First Sight Chapter 2754-Matriarch Farrell looked up at Kathryn for a while, then softened her expression and said, “I know that you are good at pretending to be a pig and eating tigers, and you also have a ruthless spirit in your heart, just like my style, but you are still a little kinder. You must know that in this world, there is no fairness at all; it’s all about the weak and the strong.”

Kathryn didn’t answer.

“You go back.”

Matriarch Farrell knew that Kathryn was better than Shiloh, but she would not listen to her in everything. Kathryn had her own ideas.

She was afraid that one day, everything she had worked so hard to obtain would eventually return to the hands of her eldest sister’s descendants.

In that case, her work would be in vain. She has worked hard for decades and is still making wedding clothes for others. Even if she dies, she will be so angry that the coffin will be thrown away and the board will jump up.

Kathryn told Matriarch Farrell to take care of herself before leaving the ward.

Matriarch Farrell watched Kathryn leave, then turned her eyes away, then got up and walked back to the ward, sat down in front of the bed, and said calmly, “Kathryn is left.”

Holden said, Oh.

He scolded Kathryn in his heart for coming to see him and then leaving without saying a few words of concern. Didn’t she see how miserable he was?

At least she should ask him if it hurts.

Matriarch Farrell said, “I kicked Shiloh out of the house. From now on, she is no longer a member of my Farrell family. I will get back everything I gave her. She is just a servant’s daughter, occupying the position of my daughter. It is enough to have lived for more than twenty years and enjoyed the glory and wealth that did not belong to her for more than twenty years.”

From now on, she would make Shiloh live worse than a beggar.

Matriarch Farrell loved Shiloh before; now she hates her so much.

Even if Shiloh and Holden were plotted

Her anger was also vented at Holden and Shiloh.

Holden wanted to call Matriarch Farrell a madwoman—a cruel madwoman.

In the end, he could only close his eyes and say nothing, and he did not dare to say anything.

“knock knock.”

There was a knock on the door.

Matriarch Farrell got up and walked out, opened the door, and saw Shiloh with disheveled hair and swollen eyes.


Shiloh kneeled down in front of Matriarch Farrell, hugging Matriarch Farrell’s feet tightly with both hands.

“Mom, I was wronged. I was the victim. Mom, you can’t do that to me. I was wronged. I am the victim.”

Shiloh cried.

Matriarch Farrell did not move, letting Shiloh hug her feet and cry.

When Shiloh’s voice became hoarse from crying, she kicked Shiloh on the heart, causing Shiloh to fall backwards and fall to the ground.

There was a bang.

Matriarch Farrell slammed the door to the ward.


Shiloh got up and rushed over, slapping the door of the ward.

“Mom, I was wronged; I was the victim. Mom, I am your most beloved daughter, Mom.”

Shiloh didn’t dare to break in. She could only crawl at the door and cry, which attracted family members from other wards to come out to see what was going on.

Suddenly, Matriarch Farrell opened the ward door again, stared at her condescendingly, and said coldly, “If you howl here again, I will cut off your tongue and feed it to the dogs! Get out; I don’t want to see you again. You are not my daughter; you were never my daughter! You are the daughter of a servant, b*tch!”

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