Married At First Sight Chapter 2756 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2756-The hotel security guard stepped forward and asked politely, “Sir, do you need help?”

“No, thanks.” Duncan thanked him politely.

In fact, he had stayed at the Fortress Hotel, but only a few times. The people in the hotel did not remember him as the fourth young master of the Lewis family.

Let alone him; if Zachary comes over, people in the hotel may not recognize him as the head of the York Corporation.

The person responsible for managing all the hotels under the company was Kevin. People in major hotels were most familiar with Kevin.

Kevin saw Hayden out and happened to meet Duncan walking in.

“Brother Duncan.”

Kevin was a little surprised to see Duncan, but not surprised at all.

From Liberty’s words, he knew that Duncan would come.

Duncan said that he arrived before two o’clock in the afternoon. He thought that Duncan had not arrived yet because Liberty had just come back from outside and did not go to the airport to pick him up.

Now seeing Duncan being pushed in by his bodyguard, he felt a little surprised and walked up to Duncan with a smile. “Brother Duncan, did you come here by yourself?”

“Well, the plane is parked at the airport. I rented a car before getting on the plane. After getting off the plane, I can come by car. Knowing that you are all busy, I didn’t tell you in advance, so I came by myself.”

Duncan looked at Hayden.

Hayden walked up to him and politely extended her right hand: “Mr. Lewis.”

Duncan shook hands with Hayden and then said to Kevin, “Kevin, you and Miss Queen still need to talk about things. You go ahead and don’t worry about me. Liberty said she was in the hotel, and she had already gone downstairs to pick me up.”

Kevin saw Liberty coming with two bodyguards and said to Duncan with a smile, “Sister Liberty is here; brother Duncan, let’s go first.”

He winked at Liberty, causing her to glare at him a few times. He then sent Hayden out of the hotel with a smile.

“Did you eat?”

The first thing Liberty said when she saw Duncan was that she was concerned about his belly.

Duncan touched his stomach and looked pitiful. “After I learned what happened to you last night, I couldn’t eat. I haven’t eaten a grain of rice from morning to now. Now I’m thirsty and hungry.”

The bodyguard who pushed Duncan twitched his lips.

It’s hard to tell Liberty that Duncan lied.

Duncan didn’t have lunch, but he had breakfast. On the way here, he also had something to eat on the plane.

Liberty had a look of distress on her face. She walked behind the wheelchair, took it from the bodyguard, pushed Duncan towards the elevator, and said to him, “I told you I’m fine; don’t worry, I just came here a few days ago. Oh my God, how will you navigate the future if you continue to be so anxious?

Even if you are worried about me, you can’t starve yourself. You are not a child anymore; you are almost forty years old.”

Duncan responded: “My whole heart is focused on you, and I forget to eat and drink.”

Liberty: “I’ll take you to eat first.”

Duncan: “Okay.”

Seeing that she was still intact and still blaming him, Duncan’s heart was completely relieved.

In the past, Liberty was stabbed by gangsters in order to save Sonny. Duncan was still scared when he thought about the scene where Liberty fell in a pool of blood.

He was afraid that something would happen to Liberty again.

That time, he was able to help Liberty.

This time, he couldn’t be by Liberty’s side, accompany her, and protect her.

It was all his fault that his legs were so inconvenient to move. Not only could he not be able to follow her and protect her, but he would also harm her.

Duncan told himself that after returning to Wiltspoon, he would seize the time to do rehabilitation and strive to walk like a normal person as soon as possible, so that he could be by Liberty’s side.

“Does Sonny know you came here?” Liberty asked.

What Liberty missed most was Sonny and Serenity.

Liberty smiled and said, “Even he doesn’t think much about me when he’s with his aunt.”

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