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Married At First Sight Chapter 2757-Duncan said, “He has a good relationship with his aunt, so it will be easier for you as a mother to get rid of him.”

Liberty said, “That is, Seren has helped take care of him since he was born. During my confinement, Seren almost took care of me and my son. Sonny’s father had to go to work, and when I was in the hospital to give birth to the baby, he asked if I had a few days off. As for my ex-parents, they were nowhere to be seen after seeing Sonny in the hospital.

Before the divorce, they even urged me to have a second child. Fortunately, I got divorced; otherwise, I would have been in the hands of that family my whole life.”

Liberty pushed Duncan into the elevator.

After going up to the third floor, she chose a private room and helped Duncan sit down. She asked Duncan, “What food do you want to eat?”

Duncan said, “You order; I’m not picky; just eat whatever you want.”

After Liberty greeted the bodyguards to sit down, she took out her mobile phone and scanned the ordering code posted on the wall, ordered a few dishes according to Duncan’s liking, and asked the bodyguards, “Do you want a drink?”

Liberty said, “I will drive you wherever you want to go. If you want to have a drink or two, you can do so. You don’t have to worry about driving.”

Duncan’s bodyguard said, “Ms. Hunt, we don’t drink, so there’s no need to ask for wine.”

Duncan didn’t drink either.

Liberty, Jim, and others had eaten again, and now they were eating with Duncan. At most, they were just eating some dishes and saying, “Then no more wine.”

Soon, she placed the order.

Duncan, who was sitting next to Liberty, approached her and said gently, “Liberty, I’m actually very grateful to Hank for his ignorance.”

When Liberty glared at him, he chuckled. “If he knows his stuff, it won’t be my turn.”

As Duncan spoke, he held Liberty’s hand, his eyes full of affection. “When I get better, will you marry me? I promise to be devoted to you and never change my heart. I could care less if others swear they cannot do it; I am certain I am capable of accomplishing it.

Neither my family nor I know how to induce pregnancy, and you are in your early thirties. I don’t know how many years or months it will take until I get better. By then, you will be an advanced mother again. I can’t bear to let you suffer the pain of pregnancy. Anyway, we have Sonny; it’s enough.”

Liberty blushed and withdrew her hand, then lightly slapped him on the arm, whispering, “Everyone is here; why are you saying those words?”

Duncan glanced at the four bodyguards. Jim and others were busy chatting and did not pay attention to them.

He lowered his voice. “They won’t listen to us attentively. Even if I speak so quietly, they can’t hear me.

Liberty, what I said is from the bottom of my heart. I said that I don’t mind being Sonny’s stepfather. A stepfather is also a father. I have raised him, and he will still be loyal to me. I believe that our Sonny is a grateful child.”

If Sonny was sentenced to Hank and grew up in the Brown family, he wouldn’t dare say what he would look like.

But growing up next to Liberty, Sonny would be fine.

Liberty said, “We will talk about these things later. Now I am willing to marry you, but you are not willing to marry me.”

Duncan smiled. “When I get better, I will definitely propose to you. In order to marry you as soon as possible, I will insist on doing rehabilitation, and I will never quarrel with you or get into trouble with you in the future.”

After a pause, he said self-deprecatingly: “When Zachary and Serenity were at odds in the past, I still criticized Zachary in my heart. I felt that Zachary had become stingy after getting married, and he could tell Serenity about the smallest things. Serenity gets into trouble and has a cold war, and whenever he gets into a cold war with Serenity, he likes to ask me and Josh to drink with him.

I didn’t expect that it would be my turn and that I would become him. I’m as stingy as him. It’s not your fault that I got angry with you. Liberty, I’m so sorry for what happened that day.”

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