Married At First Sight Chapter 2758 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2758-On the day Liberty left Wiltspoon, he didn’t even send her to the airport because of the quarrel.

He didn’t even answer her calls or reply to her messages, which made her fly to Jensburg with worry.

Even in Jensburg, Liberty was still thinking about Duncan. She asked Zachary and Serenity to take Sonny to visit him to enlighten him, comfort him, and help him regain his confidence.

Thinking of what happened that day, Duncan’s old face could turn into a sad face.

“I’m not angry.” Liberty poured him a cup of tea and said, “Don’t have such thoughts in the future. If I disliked you and felt that you would drag me down, I would have stayed far away from you. How could I get closer to you and treat you more and more? To become more trustworthy?”

When Duncan confessed his love, Liberty firmly rejected his feelings.

There was no drama between the two of them, but rather a steady flow. Relying on their daily interactions, his support for her, and her encouragement for him, the two hearts had gradually grown closer. He then rarely said that he loved her, and she didn’t take him at his word.

But in their hearts, each other had become the most important person to each other.

In the eyes of outsiders, the two people were also a couple.

After the food was served, Liberty didn’t eat much and spent most of his time picking up food for Duncan.

Duncan was so happy to have a beautiful woman by his side and taking good care of him that he almost burst his belly after eating this meal.

Duncan took a few hours’ flight to come here. Liberty asked him to rest in the hotel first and then take him for a walk around the hotel in the evening.

Jim went to book three rooms for Duncan and the others. Duncan wanted to be close to the room where Liberty lived. Jim readily exchanged rooms with him. Anyway, Duncan only stayed in Jensburg for one night, and Duncan would return to Wiltspoon tomorrow afternoon.

As the New Year was approaching, Lewis & Co. was also very busy. Duncan, the boss, had to sit in the company.

Liberty asked the Lewis family bodyguard to take a rest. Then she pushed Duncan away.

She lived on the 18th floor.

After taking the elevator up to the 18th floor and arriving at Duncan’s room, Liberty used the room card to open the door for him and then pushed him in.

“Kevin asked me to stay in the presidential suite, but I refused. I’m not staying for a day or two, but for a long time. It’s not easy to occupy the presidential suite. I think a room like this is quite good.”

“You don’t mind it, do you?”

With Duncan’s wealth, he stayed in five-star or above hotels and presidential suites when he traveled.

Liberty was worried that Duncan would find the room too small.

Her requirements were not high.

In terms of wealth, she had not yet reached that level.

After the company was established, she would live in the company. After making money in Jensburg, she would buy a house so that she would not have to live in the Fortress Hotel for a long time.

mainly because Kevin refused to accept her money.

She lived at the Fortress Hotel for free.

Even if her sister, Serenity, was the eldest mistress of the York family, Liberty would still feel embarrassed.

She was anxious to run the company’s affairs and also wanted to move out of the hotel as soon as possible so that she no longer had to take advantage of her brother-in-law’s family.

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