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Married At First Sight Chapter 2759-Duncan turned to look at Liberty and said, “Who do you think I am? I even slept on a bench in the park before. That was when I was rebellious in my youth.”

Liberty knew that he was very rebellious when he was in his teens and 20s and followed some like-minded people to join the world. Later, after his grandma passed away from a serious illness, he changed his ways, returned to normal, worked hard to start a business, and established Lewis & Co.

More than ten years have passed since those days, and he rarely mentioned it in front of her because it reminded him of his grandma.

She heard that his grandma’s favorite grandson was him. He was the youngest of the brothers. The emperor loved the eldest son, and the people loved the youngest son.

Sonny was initially afraid of the scar on his face. He thought about having surgery to repair it, but in the end, he didn’t do it. He said that keeping the scar was a warning to himself because his rebellion led to his grandma’s serious illness and death.

He felt sorry for Grandma.

“I don’t choose a place to live. Besides, a room like this is very good.”

Duncan admitted that he usually stayed in the presidential suite when he was on business trips.

He was single and had so much property. If he didn’t enjoy it, what would he do to earn so much money?

Liberty asked, “Do you want to rest now?”

“I’ll just sit on that couch.”

Duncan pointed to the sofa next to the window.

Liberty pushed him and walked over. When she stopped, she tried to help him, but he refused and said, “I can stand up on my own. I can still walk two steps.”

After doing rehabilitation every day and walking a few steps, his legs no longer hurt. But if he wanted to walk a little further, his legs would not be able to bear it, and he would suffer such heartbreaking pain that he could not stand steadily and fell to the ground.

His legs were bruised from the fall.

Wearing trousers every day, no one noticed him, so everyone would not feel sorry for him again.

He didn’t need anyone’s sympathy!

Liberty gave up helping him and let him stand up on his own.

He took a step forward, turned around, and slowly sat down on the sofa.

After he sat down, Liberty pushed the wheelchair aside and parked it against the wall.

Liberty said, “Would you like some fruit? The hotel will deliver a piece of fruit every day. They are all seasonal fruits, quite fresh.”

Duncan said, “I’m so full that I can’t eat fruit now.”

Liberty walked towards him and said, “You are almost forty years old, and you still don’t know how much you can eat? You deserve it if you overeat.”

She sat down next to him and looked at his belly. “Is it hard? Otherwise, practice walking in the room so that you can digest it faster.”

Duncan looked at her with a smile.

Although he was extremely full and slightly stuffed, he was not on the verge of gasping for air.

Liberty: “Why are you always looking at me like this?”

Duncan: “Liberty, I like to listen to your nagging. It is a kind of happiness to be nagged by you.”

Normally, she would only nag Serenity.

What she cared about most was Serenity and Sonny. Sonny was still young, so she didn’t need to nag her too much. She just loved nagging in front of Serenity, like an old mother.

To Serenity, she was both a sister and a mother.

The eldest sister was like a mother, which was fully reflected in her sisters.

Liberty: “Do you think I’m nagging you?”

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