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Married At First Sight Chapter 2760-Duncan said, “I don’t mind it; I just like hearing you talk about me.”

Duncan held Liberty’s hand and looked at her with burning eyes. Seeing her high spirits and confidence, he liked her more and more.


Duncan’s voice was hoarse, and his head came closer and closer, tentatively asking Liberty, “I want to kiss you; is that okay?”

Liberty’s face suddenly turned red.

She was no longer a little girl; she has been married, divorced, and given birth to children, but when he asked her like this, she couldn’t help but blush, with a shy look on her face, which made Duncan even more distracted.

He had been in love with her for a long time and had held her hand.

No further action was taken.

“Liberty, are you willing?”

Duncan grabbed her face and forced her to face him. The two of them looked at each other. As he got closer, the hot breath he breathed hit Liberty’s face.

Her shyness inspired Duncan invisibly.

When he didn’t get an answer from her, he gently touched her red lips. Seeing that she closed her eyes, he hugged her tightly. From gentle to domineering, they kissed lightly to deeply, lingering and entangled endlessly.

After the kiss, Liberty quickly pushed him away, stood up and walked away, pretending to do something, and said, “I will boil a kettle of water for you. You can drink warm water or make a cup of tea.”

Her breathing was a little unstable when she spoke.

Duncan looked at her lovingly, followed her with his eyes, and responded to her in a warm voice: “Make me a cup of green tea. On the plane, I rested for a while. I don’t need to rest anymore. Drink a cup of green tea to refresh myself. If you want to do something, I will go with you.”

Liberty said, “I have done all the things in the morning. I planned to go and visit the family members of the Farrell family’s dead bodyguard later. His family members are here. Anyway, if he doesn’t help me drive, he won’t die.”

Even if it was Matriarch Farrell’s conspiracy, without any evidence, it could only be said to be an accident for the time being.

Helping Liberty drive the car did indeed result in the death of the Farrell family’s bodyguard, which in turn caused a car accident and killed everyone in the vehicle. Liberty went to visit the family members and offered incense to the deceased. If she did it, no one would tell her. At least it wouldn’t chill the hearts of those in the Farrell family who were ready to move.

What Liberty had to do was not only to make them think that she was strong and capable but also to be humane in order to win over the clan members.

Duncan said, “I’ll go with you. I’ll also burn incense and visit the family.”

If the bodyguard hadn’t died in Liberty’s place, what he might have seen when he came over now was Liberty’s body.

Just thinking about that possibility made Duncan scared.

Fortunately, Liberty was fine.

Thanks to Kevin and Hayden coming uninvited, their appearance gave Liberty the conditions to avoid trouble.

Matriarch Farrell arranged for an accident to happen on the road. She only dared to target Liberty and did not dare to target Kevin. Although Matriarch Farrell hated Kevin in her heart, Kevin was the third young master of the York family, so she was unwilling to have a head-on conflict with Kevin.

Not to mention Hayden, who was the head of the Queen family and whose status in Jensburg was comparable to Zachary in Wiltspoon.

The Farrell family had declined and was about to fall out of the ranks of Jensburg’s wealthy families. How could they compete with the Queen family?

Liberty chose to take Hayden’s car, which was relatively safe.

In this way, she avoided that disaster.

Liberty originally wanted to refuse Duncan’s company, but when she thought about the day she came to Jensburg, she refused to follow him, and he had a quarrel with her, saying that she disliked him. After a long time of arguing, Liberty changed her mind.

She said, “If you don’t feel tired, then come with me.”

Duncan said, “I’m not tired. I sit in a wheelchair every day and rarely move around. How can I be tired no matter how tired I am?”

He was almost a useless person.

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