Married At First Sight Chapter 2761 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2761-Duncan did not say that he was a useless person; at least Liberty would feel distressed again and have to say a lot of words of encouragement to him.

Liberty cleaned the electric kettle provided in the hotel, boiled a pot of hot water for him, washed the cup, picked up a small bag of rose green tea, made him a cup of green tea, and then brought it over. The cup was placed on the bedside counter. He went up and said to him, “The water is very hot now; drink it later.”

“Ring ring ring…”

Liberty’s cell phone range.

She took out her mobile phone, looked at the caller ID, and said to Duncan, “It’s Serenity calling.”

She quickly answered the call, worried that something would happen to her sister.

Liberty asked, “Seren, what’s wrong?”


Sonny’s childish voice came from the phone.

“Sonny, Sonny finally remembered his mother and knew to call her.”

Liberty laughed and teased her son.

Sonny pouted, seemingly aggrieved, and called his mother again.

Hearing the grievance in her son’s words, Liberty asked with concern, “What’s wrong with Sonny? Are you unhappy?”

“No, it’s Uncle Lewis who is too bad. Uncle Lewis is a bad guy. He secretly went to see you without telling me. I asked my aunt to take me to Uncle Lewis, and I wanted to introduce my little friend, Titus, to Uncle Lewis. But it turned out that Grandma Lewis said that Uncle Lewis went to see you.”

Sonny felt extremely wronged. “Uncle Lewis didn’t even say a word to me. I miss you too. If he goes out and tells me, I can follow Uncle Lewis to see you.

Uncle Lewis doesn’t keep his words and only deceives children.”

After Liberty went on a business trip, Duncan told Sonny clearly that if he missed Liberty in the future, Duncan would take him on his private jet and fly to where Liberty was on a business trip so that he could see her.

At that time, he felt that Duncan was really good—better than Hank.

Every time Hank saw Sonny, although he would be very kind to him, he liked to speak ill of Duncan in front of him. Sonny felt that Duncan was not that kind and was not a bad person.

His father, grandparents, and aunt thought that he was a three-year-old child who didn’t understand anything, but in fact, he understood everything.

Liberty looked at Duncan and said to Sonny, “Uncle Lewis is here. He happened to be on a business trip. The place where he went on business happened to be the same place where I went on business, so he didn’t bring you here.”

Sonny said, “Mom, you don’t have to go to work today; I don’t even go to kindergarten.”

“You’re asking for leave today!”

Serenity next to Sonny reminded him.

In order to play with Titus for a while, Serenity took a day off for Sonny.

Sonny: “…”

Well, he forgot he asked for leave and thought it was a day off.

Sonny said, “Mom, is Uncle Lewis next to you? Let Uncle Lewis listen to the phone. I want to ask Uncle Lewis personally.”

Liberty handed the phone to Duncan and whispered to him: “Seren took Sonny to your home. He knew you were here and was feeling aggrieved. Sonny said you lied to him.”

Duncan took the phone, cleared his throat, and said to Sonny on the other end of the phone, “Sonny, Uncle Lewis is on a temporary business trip and didn’t have time to tell you.”

Sonny asked, “Uncle Lewis, didn’t you lie to me? Didn’t you hide it from me and sneak away to find my mom?”

Duncan said, “No, how could it be? I didn’t lie to Sonny. I was really on a business trip. It was just a business trip to the same place as your mother. Then I stopped by to see your mother. Sonny, do you miss your mom?”

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