Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1127 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1127

Seeing the light, the receptionist uttered with a smile, “That sounds about right. The child must be his wife’s nephew. I can’t believe the CEO would bring his nephew to the office. People would think he was carrying his own son by the gentle way he held the child.”

“He might be dying to be a father… Maybe the missus is pregnant, and he is doing at practice run on caring for a child. He probably wants to be a very involved father.”

The other receptionist was shocked. Was it possible?

Deep in his sleep, Sonny did not wake up during the car ride and the walk to the office. His uncle finally laid him down on the bed in the private resting room.

Zachary bent over to take off Sonny’s shoes and socks before removing his jacket. He also tucked the boy under the blanket.

The sight of the adorable child only made Zachary’s heart melt. He leaned forward to kiss Sonny on the cheek.

“Sonny, I want to have a little boy or little girl with your aunt every time I look at you.”

The boy a little shy of three years of age was sound asleep, so of course he was not going to respond to Zachary.

Zachary stayed for a while before leaving the private resting room. He had just come out. of the room when Mr. Chaplin knocked on the door and entered.

“Mr. Lewis is here, sir.“.

“Okay.” It then occurred to Zachary that he was meeting Duncan to talk about a partnership. He gestured for Mr. Chaplin to let Duncan in.

Duncan took large strides into the office, asking with a smile, “I heard you brought a child to the office, Zachary. Is it your illegitimate child? I can’t believe you. We’ve been buddies for many years, and you never bother to tell me that you secretly had a child.”

Although tempted to throw something at Duncan, Zachary could not find an item of good weight.

He peevishly snapped back, “He’s not my illegitimate child. He has parents, you know. But someone likes him a lot and wants to be his dad.”


Without a second thought, Duncan named Sonny.

Something did not feel right. Duncan was too quick to answer when Zachary said someone wanted to be Sonny’s dad–as if he confessed.

Sure, Duncan was fond of Sonny and wished Sonny was his son. However, he did not like

Liberty that way.

“Who else apart from Sonny? Other people may not know me, but how could you not? It would have rocked the community if I had an illegitimate child of this age.”

Zachary drew close and asked Duncan to sit down on the sofa.

Instead of taking a seat, Duncan made his way to the private resting room. He asked, “Is Sonny playing in the private resting area? Is he asleep? No wonder I couldn’t see him when I was passing by All You Can Eat.”

“He’s asleep. Don’t wake him.”

“I won’t wake him. I just want to kiss his little face. I’ve been dying to nibble on his face. How can he be so cute?”

Zachary let Duncan enter the quiet zone, and the latter took his time in the private resting room.

Duncan came out with tenderness running along his coarse facial lines. Judging by his content face, he probably slathered Sonny’s face with saliva.

“Sonny takes after my sister–in–law.”

Zachary’s comment came out of nowhere.

Duncan walked up to the sofa and sat down, replying, “He does.”

There was no way he could kiss those puffy cheeks if the boy resembled Hank.

Seeing that the message went over his best friend’s head, Zachary smiled without elaborating further.

“Why did you bring Sonny to the office?”

“Seren said that she would be taking Sonny to her shop, but she got up late today, so I brought him here. He’s asleep anyway. He won’t bother me.”

“Oh.” Duncan did not see a problem with that.

“Do you want anything to drink?”

“Just a glass of water please.”

Duncan said, but he got up and poured himself a drink anyway. He even told Zachary off,” You never attend to me and Josh when we come around. We have to do things ourselves.” “Only you two get to make yourselves at home here.“


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