Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1129 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1129

With his dark eyes sparkling, Sonny asked, “Why can’t boys wear dresses?”

Duncan replied, “That’s because dresses are for girls.”

Sonny turned his attention to Duncan.

Zachary grabbed a pair of pants and picked Sonny up to help him into the pants. He said, ” That’s because boys have to do a lot of heavy lifting, and doing the work in a dress makes it quite difficult.”

“Why are boys doing the heavy lifting?”

“Boys have to do the hard work, so the girls don’t have to. We leave the lighter load to your mom and your aunt.”

Somewhat getting the idea, Sonny answered, “I’ll do the heavy lifting when I grow up, so Mom and Aunt Ser get less work.”

Zachary remarked with a smile, “Good boy, Sonny.”

Duncan had no words.

Ring, ring, ring….

The intercom phone was ringing.

Putting Sonny down, Zachary got up to take the call.

He quickly put down the phone and told Sonny, “Your mom’s here, Sonny.”

“Mom’s here.”

Hearing that his mother had arrived, the little guy immediately stuffed the dress in the bag and searched for his wet pants. Since he could not locate them, Sonny asked, “Uncle Zack, where are my other pants?”

“They were wet, so I dumped them in the washing machine.”

The person who replied was Duncan.

Sonny did not respond as he put all the muscle work into carrying the big bag of clothes out.

The boy also urged Zachary, “Uncle Zack, don’t forget to return the pants once they are clean and dry.”

Zachary answered with a smile, “Okay. I’ll return the pants to you. Your size doesn’t fit me anyway.”

The little guy even remembered to bring home his soiled pants.

“Sonny, don’t take the dress. Dunc will return it. It’s not like you can wear the dress.”

Stopping in his tracks, Sonny turned back and responded, “I want to keep the dress, Uncle Zack. The dress is for the little sister Aunt Ser gives birth to.”

Zachary laughed in greater delight at the comment. He approached Sonny and picked the boy up. “Do you think your aunt will have a girl?”

“My mom said so.”

Zachary gleefully remarked, “That’s right. That’s right. Your aunt will give you a pretty little sister to play with. Okay, we don’t have to return the dress. You can keep it as a gift to your little sister.”

Sonny solemnly nodded his head.

He was going to buy lots of dresses for his little sister once Aunt Ser popped one out.

“Mr. York, the meeting is starting.”

Mr. Chaplin knocked on the office door and reminded Zachary of the time.

Zachary wanted to go with Sonny to the lobby, but after a quick look at the time, he handed Sonny to Duncan. “Sonny, can Dunc take you downstairs to your mom? I want to go to a meeting. I need to make lots of money to get formula milk for your little sister.”


Sonny was not keen on letting Duncan hold him, but he was a sensible boy. He knew that Uncle Zack had to make money for his little sister, so he should not bother his uncle. Formula milk was expensive. Sonny often went with his mother to get formula milk, and he saw Mom handing over a lot of money so he could have the tasty milk.

Duncan carried Sonny, together with the bag of new clothes, to take the lift down.

Liberty was waiting in the VIP lounge in the lobby.

She would usually close the business near noon, but since Zachary took Sonny to the office, she was worried Sonny might wake up and pester Zachary. Hence, she closed the shop at ten o’clock.

Minutes later, she saw Duncan carrying her son out of the lift through the glass door.

Jumping to her feet, Liberty took quick paces out of the VIP lounge and cried, “Sonny.”

The duo looked over.

With Sonny fighting to get to the ground, Duncan bent over and put him down. He watched as the boy ran toward Liberty.



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