Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1132 | [Serenity & Zachary]

Gu Lingfei: Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 1132

Jim walked to Serenity’s front and stopped, then he handed a small transparent bag containing a dozen strands of Old Mr. Hunt’s hair to Serenity and said, “Missus, this is what Mr. Zachary ordered me to do when he left home this morning. It’s done.”

“These are? My granddad’s hair?” Serenity asked as she took the bag.

The result of her discussion with Zachary last night was that she decided to use Noah to help them obtain Old Mr. Hunt’s hair. Afterward, she would take them for a DNA test.


Serenity thanked Jim and asked, “Noah was willing to help?”

“He’s quite afraid of you, Missus. I brought you up to scare him, then he conscientiously went to pluck a dozen strands of his grandpa’s hair.”

As for how Noah coaxed Old Mr. Hunt into letting him pluck his hair, Jim was not bothered.

Jim only wanted the result.

Serenity laughed. “That kid is just young and impetuous. He doesn’t have a bad nature.”

Noah was still two or three months short of turning eighteen. He was indeed young and vigorous at that age.

After receiving Old Mr. Hunt’s hair, Serenity asked Jim to send her to the test center to do another DNA test.

Serenity did the DNA test with Mrs. Stone last time, so she knew where the center was.

Jim asked Zachary for instructions before he sent Serenity to the test center.

When they walked out of the test center, they saw that Zachary’s convoy had just arrived.

Serenity walked toward the tall man who had gotten out of the car. She said to him while walking, “You must be so free in the afternoon to come and pick me up. Jim could’ve sent me home.”

Zachary took two steps forward and held her hand. He led her to the car and said in a low voice, “As long as I’m free, I hope I’ll be the one to pick my wife up.”

Serenity no longer wanted to say anything about how domineering he was.

Fortunately, his domineering behavior now came with respect. He gave her enough

freedom, unlike before when he disregarded her feelings.

“I went to Liberty’s place this morning to pick Sonny up.”

Zachary used a normal tone as he was subtly claiming credit from his wife.

“Voutes so busy at work. How will you take care of Sonny if you let him stay with you?”

Zachary replied, “My office is big, so I let him play in my office. He was very obedient and didn’t throw tantrums.”

“Sonny was willing to play quietly in your office?” Serenity knew her nephew’s

temperament very well as she had brought him up. As well–behaved as Sonny was, he was still a three–year–old kid. He was at the age of being naughty, active, and annoying.

Unless there were toys that Sonny liked to play with, he would only sit still for five minutes before starting to touch everything and causing havoc.

“He was still sleeping when I took him to my office. He only started playing after he woke up.”

Realization hit Serenity and she laughed. “I told you so.”

“But Sonny wet my bed.”

Zachary continued, “I asked Duncan to buy some clothes for him. He went and bought a dozen sets of clothes, as well as a beautiful dress.”

Serenity was speechless.

Duncan bought a dress for Sonny!

“Sonny said the dress is reserved for the little sister who will be born to his little aunt.”

Zachary stared passionately at Serenity when he said that.

Serenity knew what he meant. She pinched his face in amusement. “Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t take any medicine behind your back.”


Zachary pulled his wife into his arms and placed one hand on her flat belly. “I really hope we can have a little girl as Sonny said.”

Since they were on the topic of having a baby again, Serenity asked, “I heard Jasmine mention that anyone who gives birth to a son in your family will be rewarded fifty million dollars by the elders, but five hundred million dollars if it’s a daughter. Is that true?

“She also said that none of the women who have been married into your family so far has gotten the reward of five hundred million bucks.”


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