Married at First Sight Chapter 2129 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2129 by desirenovelShiloh was dumbfounded, she just said such a sentence, Kathryn, who always choked her to death at home, was wronged?

She even ran into the house aggrieved, was this to complain to the mother?

Thinking of this, Shiloh quickly trotted into the house, she couldn’t let Kathryn snatch her opportunity to complain.

Did that country bumpkin change her way of competing with her?

When Shiloh entered the room, she saw Kathryn sitting beside her mother, talking about something, but seeing her come in, Kathryn stopped talking.

She didn’t need to ask to know that Kathryn was suing her mother.

The expressions of the parents, brother and sister-in-law were also a little subtle.


Shiloh walked over quickly, and squeezed between Kathryn and her mother, pushing Kathryn aside.

She took her mother’s arm with both hands affectionately, and said to her mother: “Mom, don’t listen to Kathryn’s nonsense. I don’t care about her. It’s her kicking and patting my car that caused my car to keep ringing. I just said a few words to her.”

Matriarch Farrell said, “That’s right, Kathryn didn’t say anything.”

Shiloh turned her head to look at Kathryn, and said to her mother: “Didn’t Kathryn complain to you, Mom? Who did she show her aggrieved face just now?”

Matriarch Farrell glanced at her silent daughter, and explained for her daughter: “Your elder sister didn’t sue you, she came in with a face of grievance, but it was a grievance that the cars she drove were all old cars, not a new one. Also she said that your car is much better than hers.”

“Kathryn, let your sister accompany you to the car dealership to buy a new car tomorrow. You can buy whichever one you want. Don’t say I’m partial to your sister.”

When Matriarch Farrell said this, she had an impatient expression on her face, but she still promised to replace Kathryn with a new car.

And let Shiloh accompany Kathryn to buy a car.

Hearing that her mother wanted to buy a new car for Kathryn, Shiloh felt sore. She curled her lips and said, “Mom, although her car is not new, where is the old car in our garage? Just let her drive it, and get a new car.

It’s a new car, what if she is not good at driving, goes on a rampage, and hits someone? Country people are rude.”

Kathryn: “I grew up in the countryside, but I am no longer a countryman, because I have returned to my biological parents, but you, Shiloh, when will your household registration be moved out and back to your biological parents? A rude redneck?”

One word from Kathryn made Shiloh’s face change.

If she returned to her biological parents, she would really become a countryman.


Shiloh yelled coquettishly, “Mom, look at the eldest sister who wants to drive me away, and Mom, you said she couldn’t bear to part with me.”

“Kathryn, it’s not up to you to decide the family affairs. Look at you, you have scared Shiloh.” Mr. Janzen reprimanded Kathryn with a stern face. Then he hurriedly said to Shiloh: “Shiloh, don’t worry, as long as parents are alive, Kathryn won’t be the master of this family.”

Kathryn’s elder brothers also echoed his mother’s words, and all of them blamed Kathryn.

Grandma Farrell even said: “Kathryn, you are the youngest among siblings, so it’s never your turn to talk about things.”

“Why can’t it be my turn to speak? I am the young master of our Farrell family, and I will become the master of the family in the future. Doesn’t the family master have the final say in this family? You have the final say? Dad, you have the power. Do you have the final say? Brothers, do you have any power?”

“Not to mention the sister-in-laws, you are just outsiders in our family.”

Kathryn’s retort made everyone’s faces change dramatically, but they couldn’t say a word.

In other families, men might speak a little louder.


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