Married at First Sight Chapter 2136 by desirenovel

Novel Married at First Sight Chapter 2136 by desirenovel“Such a beautiful dress, I carefully selected it for you, and you don’t want to put it on, even if you change it and go out for a walk, let me see your women’s clothing.” Kevin handed Hayden back the clothes she had changed before swimming, and said, “Go and change, don’t catch a cold.”

With a sullen face, Hayden took her clothes, went back to the women’s changing room, and slammed the door.

She was angry at him.

But Kevin also understood that he suddenly surrendered because she sneezed twice just now, and he was worried that she would catch a cold.

When he was shameless, he could always make her teeth itch with anger, wishing to eat his flesh and drink his blood, but he had to admit that when he cared about her, it was always like a hot spring…She wrapped her whole body and was warm.

It will take a little longer for Hayden to pretend to be a man again.

Kevin, who had already changed his clothes, was lying on the recliner by the pool, looking up at the black sky. Although he couldn’t see her gorgeous dress, it was not without gain, at least he saw her wearing women’s swimsuit look.

After sending her back later, he had to cook a bowl of ginger soup for her and let her drink it before going to bed.

half an hour later.

Hayden just came out of the locker room.

Seeing that she had regained her handsome appearance, Kevin got up, and said with a smile: “If we get married, you will be my wife and my friend, and I think it’s not bad.”

Hayden stared at him, “Who is going to marry you?”

“I said, if you don’t want to marry me, let me marry you instead. See how much dowry you can give me, whether to add my name to the house? Who will control the money after marriage? How much dowry do you give me? How much dowry do you bring here, and I promise you won’t suffer any disadvantages.”

Hayden: “…I marry you, can you give me a baby?”

Kevin: “Having a baby is a matter between two people. I dare not take the credit for it. If you cooperate, we will have a baby soon.”

Hayden: “Beautiful thinking!”

Kevin smiled and said: “The reality is cruel. When dreaming, can’t you have a good dream? If your thoughts are cruel, how can you live? I often think very beautifully, so that I will be full of expectations and confidence in life, and work hard for beautiful goals. After my hard work, I will always get what I want.”

As Kevin spoke, he passed Hayden and walked towards the women’s locker room.

Within two minutes, he returned to Hayden’s hand, with an extra bag in his hand, which contained the women’s outfit he had prepared for her.

He stuffed the bag into Hayden’s hand and said, “This is the clothes I carefully selected for you. You don’t want to wear it now. You have no defense. I believe that one day, you will wear it for me. Yes, you take the clothes first, and you can change them when you want to wear them someday.”

Hayden wanted to return the clothes to him. But Kevin took one of her hands, “Let’s go, it’s getting late, I’ll take you home.”

Hayden: “I can go back myself.”

“Your bodyguard team didn’t come with you. I am worried about you going home alone. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, someone will try to rob you.”

Hayden: “…When my fist and kick skills are beautiful fists and embroidered legs?”

She could still deal with perverts.

Hayden: “Besides, no man wants to rob me except you.”

There were many lusts for a woman who wanted to rob her.

So as long as she left her home territory, she had to bring a bodyguard team, not only to protect her, but also to prevent those admirers from plotting against her and climbing into her bed.

Just like when she went to a banquet, she brought her own wine. She was very careful to this point.

Kevin smiled: “They are all blind, and I am the only one with eyes, but I am glad that they are all blind. Now I have too many rivals in love, and I don’t want to add a few more rivals in love.”

If Hayden’s identity as a woman was exposed, he believe there would be many aristocratic families interested in her.

Because she was capable.

Under her management, the Queen Group was flourishing.


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