Married At First Sight Chapter 2762 By Thomasnovel

Married At First Sight Chapter 2762-Sonny was coaxed, his anger subsided, and he no longer felt aggrieved. He said, “I heard Grandma Lewis say that you went to find my mom. I miss my mom.”

“I will bring you here as soon as you get out of school this Friday and then go back on Sunday afternoon, okay?”

Duncan made a promise to Sonny.

In this way, he would have an honest reason to fly over to accompany Liberty on Friday.

Sonny: “Really? Uncle Lewis, you didn’t lie to me?

I have said that Uncle Lewis will not lie to me. Uncle Lewis is the most honest.”

After Sonny thought about it, he felt that Duncan was usually very honest, so he said, “I believe you, Uncle Lewis. Will my mom allow us to go there? Will our going disturb my mom’s work?”

Duncan said to Sonny that Liberty had been very busy recently.

Sonny knew that Liberty was so busy because of him. She said she wanted to make a lot of money so that he could live a good life.

Sonny felt that his life was very good. He didn’t want to work as hard as Liberty.

But Liberty insisted on going to work and making money, and he felt that he was a sensible child and wanted to support Liberty.

Duncan said, “No, we are coming over on the weekend, and your mother also needs to rest. It just so happens that we will accompany your mother to walk around and relax. This will make your mother feel better. When she goes to work next week, she will be able to do things very efficiently.”

Sonny snorted, but still said uneasily, “Uncle Lewis, please let me tell my mom to see if she really agrees.”

Duncan smiled and returned the phone to Liberty, letting the mother and son bargain over the phone. In the end, Liberty was unable to stop Sonny from coming over on Friday.

Liberty also wanted Sonny.

With Duncan accompanying him, nothing would happen.

After getting Liberty’s permission, Sonny was happy and ended the call soon.

He returned the phone to Serenity.

Serenity asked him with a smile, “Are you not angry anymore? Are you not aggrieved?”

Sonny said happily, “I can go see my mom on Friday. Auntie, what day is it today?”

Serenity said, “Monday.”

Sonny asked, “How many days are there between Monday and Friday?”

Sonny didn’t know much about how many days a week there were. His mother had taught him. He even asked her why there were no Mondays or Sundays.

Serenity said, “Four days.”

Sonny counted his fingers and felt that four days was not much. The expression on his face changed from gloomy to sunny, and he happily said to Titus, “Titus, I can go to my mom in a few days. Do you have to go home today? How about you come with me to find my mother?”

Titus was quite envious of Sonny.

Sonny’s parents were divorced, but they were still alive. Sonny could see his parents at any time. Sonny’s parents also loved Sonny very much.

Jane was not Titus’s biological mother, but his adoptive mother. He didn’t know who his parents were. Jane never kept anything from him and always told him that she had picked him up.

Although Titus had Jane, his uncle Ben Johnson, and his master, who loved him, he had no biological parents and had no idea what his parents looked like.

But Titus’s envy only lasted for a moment.

After all, he was still a child, three or four years old. If someone played with him, he would soon forget about who his father and mother were.

Titus said, “I’m going back in the afternoon. If I don’t go back, my teacher will punish me for walking on horseback and punish me for copying medical books.”

He could write, but the punishment of copying medical books was still too severe for him. He was not afraid of being beaten or scolded, but he was afraid that his master would punish him for writing and copying medical books.


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