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Married At First Sight Chapter 2764-Mrs. Lewis thought that her son would be willing to be Sonny’s stepfather. At least Duncan’s family would have a child. Maybe because of Sonny, Serenity will have another child in the future.

Sonny always wanted a sister.

Everyone thought the baby in Serenity’s belly belonged to their son.

If Sonny wanted a sister, he would argue with his mother to give him a sister so that Duncan could have his own biological child. Even if it is a female baby, Mrs. Lewis will be happy as long as it is Duncan’s own flesh and blood.

Of course, Mrs. Lewis did not dare to reveal any of these little thoughts.

Duncan’s car accident flattened his parents’ sectarian ideas.

Serenity said, “I’m going back now. I’ll come back next time when I’m free. Sonny should come here often.”

Serenity insisted on taking the two children home. Mrs. Lewis had no choice but to take some nutritional supplements and forcefully give them to Serenity to take back to replenish her health.

“Auntie, look at my waist. It’s getting thicker. If you add more, it will become a bucket waist.”

What Serenity was most afraid of were supplements.

There were mountains of supplements at home.

Mrs. Lewis smiled and said, “You are not fat; you are pregnant, and your waistline will change. It is normal. In the third trimester of pregnancy, your belly will be round and your waist will be thicker. After giving birth, you will slowly lose weight.

Take these; some are supplements, and some are Sonny’s favorite snacks. I wanted to keep you here for dinner, but you are in a hurry to leave.”

Mrs. Lewis also took out two big red envelopes and gave them to Sonny and Titus, respectively.

Neither child dared to accept her big red envelope.

Mrs. Lewis smiled and gave the red envelope to Titus and said, “Titus, this is your first time at Grandma Lewis’s house. Grandma Lewis is giving you a red envelope to encourage you to go home. Please accept it quickly.”

Titus looked at Serenity, who nodded and motioned for him to accept it, so he dared to accept it and thanked Mrs. Lewis.

Sonny said, “Grandma Lewis, this is not my first time here; I don’t need to be brave.”

Mrs. Lewis still gave him his red envelope: “Grandma Lewis bought toys and food for Sonny.”

“Auntie, no need for Sonny.” Serenity wanted Mrs. Lewis to take back the red envelope.

It’s not Sonny’s first time here. He was already a frequent visitor to the Lewis family. When Duncan was at home, he came to the Lewis family almost every day.

Sometimes Duncan would pick him up from kindergarten, and Liberty was unavailable. Duncan would take him back to the Lewis family and leave him under the care of Mrs. Lewis. By the time Liberty came to pick him up after finishing her work, he would have already fallen asleep at the Lewis family.

Mrs. Lewis forced the red envelope to Sonny, and Serenity had to let Sonny accept it to avoid Mrs. Lewis being angry.

Under the watch of Mrs. Lewis, Serenity left the Lewis family with the two little guys.

It wasn’t until the two cars were out of sight that Mrs. Lewis withdrew her reluctant gaze and turned back to the villa.

The Lewis family’s old residence was a very large villa, but it was quiet at the moment.

Maybe it’s because she’s getting older. Mrs. Lewis, who liked quietness when she was young, now looked forward to having a lively home.

Her youngest son, Duncan, was almost thirty-seven years old.

Her grandchildren didn’t live with her, so the old house could only be lively when her children and grandchildren came back during the holidays.

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