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Married At First Sight Chapter 2765-Serenity did not go home directly, but sent Titus to Remy first. Ben and Jane stayed in Remy’s villa when they came to Wiltspoon.

After arriving at Remy’s house and handing Titus back into the hands of Jane and Ben, Serenity’s tense nerves relaxed.

Sonny said, “Auntie, can I play for a little longer?”

Realizing that he was about to be separated from his friends, Sonny was reluctant to let go and wanted to play with Titus for a while longer, even for half an hour.

Sonny again said, “Titus will not be able to play with me for a long, long time when he goes back this time.”

Serenity looked at Jane, who said, “We still need to pack our things and go home in about half an hour.

Let the two of them play for another half hour. Titus is reluctant to let go of Sonny, but he can’t let them continue playing like this. They will go crazy. If they go crazy, it will be difficult to calm down.”

Serenity said, “Isn’t that true? He went crazy and wanted to play all the time. He didn’t even want to go to kindergarten. If it weren’t for Titus’s comparison, Sonny would have been like his cousin when he went to kindergarten. He would have needed an adult to carry him to the car. “

Jane laughed when she mentioned Elisa’s reluctance to go to kindergarten when she was a child.

Elisa came over to see off her future eldest brother and his wife. When she heard Serenity mention her embarrassing story, she blushed and patted Serenity: “Serenity, you always make fun of me. When you were a child, have you ever had the experience of not wanting to go to kindergarten?”

Serenity chuckled, “Maybe I didn’t. Anyway, I didn’t hear my parents say that I didn’t fall in love with kindergarten when I was a child, and my sister didn’t say anything either.”

She had no memory of her going to kindergarten, but Liberty was five years older than her. If she ever had the experience of not wanting to go to kindergarten, Liberty would tell her.

“Sonny, let’s go play. We’ll play for half an hour. We’ll send your Aunt Murphy out. Then we’ll go to your uncle’s company. When your uncle gets off work, we’ll go home and have dinner together. After playing today, we’ll go to kindergarten as usual tomorrow.”

Sonny nodded repeatedly.

Titus immediately pulled Sonny and ran away.

Seeing the two little guys running so fast, Jane said with a smile, “I have seen Titus having so much fun these past two days. When he goes to bed at night, he laughs all the time in his dreams. talking in sleep, calling Sonny.”

“That’s right, childhood is all about eating, drinking, and having fun.”

Elisa echoed Jane’s words: “Children today are under too much pressure. They start taking the test in kindergarten. When I have children, they will not take the test. As long as my children grow up healthy and happy, that’s fine.”

“Your family can make money, and even if your children don’t become rich, they don’t have to worry about food and clothing.”

Serenity answered that children from families like theirs were actually more troublesome. If they are not capable, they will not be able to support the family business.

Elisa gently touched her belly and said, “Jasmine is pregnant. You can tell if you look at her belly carefully. Baby, you don’t have to be too pregnant in the future.” Come on, your parents also have plenty of money, so they don’t have to worry about food and clothing.”

Serenity also touched her belly: “Jasmine’s month is older than mine, so she is obviously pregnant. If I were a son, he might have to take over from his father in the future, and he might have to accept more from an early age. For education, we work harder than others.”

She didn’t want her son to be the next generation’s successor to the York family, but Zachary said that the successors were almost always the eldest son and grandson. Unless their children were mediocre, the burden of the successor would fall on their eldest son.

With the couple’s excellent genes, their son should not be too mediocre.

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