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Married At First Sight Chapter 2766-Elisa said, “It must be a son. The York family is a famous monk temple, specializing in giving birth to sons. The ancestors gave birth to daughters, but the daughters were not raised and died early. Only sons can survive. Listen to the elders; they say that even if the ancestors of the York family took good care of their daughter, they would still not be able to raise her well.”

Serenity suddenly thought of the master who criticized her marriage to Zachary, saying that the couple would be happy and have children.

If she gives birth to a daughter, can she raise her to adulthood?

If she was like her ancestors of the York family, who couldn’t raise a daughter even if she gave birth to one, then she would rather not give birth than see the child lose her breath little by little in front of her, which would be a heart-wrenching pain.

If there is something wrong with the geomancer master of Wildridge Manor, the master said that it is not the fault of the geomancer master of the Villa, but he also said that the geomancy pattern of the Villa is such that both the wealth and the Ding are prosperous.

“Seren, what’s wrong with you? Your expression suddenly changed.” Noticing Serenity’s change of expression, Elisa asked with concern.

“Did you hear me talk about the death of a daughter in the York family’s ancestors? Don’t worry; the child in your belly must be a son. The emperor of Sonny said several times that the child in your belly is a little brother.

Besides, even if you give birth to a daughter, now that medical science is advanced and you have done so many prenatal check-ups during pregnancy, the baby will be healthy. When were Zachary’s ancestors and great-grandparents? In the late years, medicine at that time was not developed; a cold can kill someone.”

Life in the ancient palace was good enough; weren’t there many princes and princesses who died young?

After Elisa finished speaking, she hugged Serenity’s shoulders and said deliberately, “You are not so lucky. You can only give birth to a son for Zachary. Don’t think about those things. It’s not a happy thing; you’re so frightened that your face has changed.

I’m telling you, the things I prepared for your baby are all for boys, so you have to give birth to a boy.”

Serenity could barely calm her heart and soul.

She hadn’t even given birth to a daughter yet, so what should she do if she doesn’t have a daughter?

Besides, the master said that she was destined to have both children. Even if she gave birth to a second child in the future, if she did give birth to a daughter, she would definitely be able to raise her to be healthy and grow up safely.

or not having a second child.

Just raise a child.

York’s family is prosperous, so it won’t matter if she only gives birth to one child. Her future sisters-in-law can have more children.

After comforting herself, Serenity’s face improved, and she said, “Both my children are my treasures. Who knows whether the baby is a boy or a girl now? We won’t know until next year when the baby is born.”

Elisa said, “It must be a son. The York family has not had a daughter for several generations. If you have a daughter at the same time, it would be terrible. The York family cannot treat your mother and daughter as national treasures.”

Elisa started laughing as she spoke. She said, “Our little Avah enjoys the treatment of a national treasure. Avah slept for a long time this time. When will she wake up? I want to hug her again. Sister Jane takes the baby back, and it will take a long time before we can see her again. “

Jane smiled and said, “We are a family from now on. You can see Avah anytime you want, but I’m afraid you might think she is naughty in the future.”

Elisa said, “Avah is a girl, so she shouldn’t be too naughty. I think she will be a quiet beauty when she grows up.”

Serenity answered: “Children are sometimes naughty. Looking at Sonny, who wouldn’t say he is sensible and cute? Isn’t there also a time when he is naughty and disruptive? If you feel quiet and silent, don’t ask; he must be causing disruption.”

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